Saturday, August 11, 2007


Kids were out for their activities. Dinner was only hubs, myself and Daughter number 3.

Clockwise from top: Hijiki, Oden, Takuan, Natto and white rice.

Dinner was delicious!

On the right is
Natto, another of my favourites!

Left: Larger picture of the Hijiki & Aburaage-Ni.


A Mature Student said...

Could you please try to describe the taste of nato because one of my friends say she can't stand it. :)

Bento Pet said...

Natto is fermented soyabeans. It does have a pungent smell and it's texture is actually slimy.

It's like eating very strong cheese but in the case of natto, it's got a nutty, svoury, salty flavor and definitely an acquired taste.

You know the 'goo-ey' stuff you get from okra when you bite into it? Well in natto, you probably get 10X more of that 'goo-ey' stuff!

Some love it and others despise it at the first whiff ! Yeah! It's definitely an acquired taste!

Hey! Don't let it frighten you off. You should try it because you might fall under the category of the people loving it like me!! For me it was love at first bite! Lol!!!


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