Friday, August 24, 2007


Today I was still giggling over the funny Japanese man who was trying to teach the people passing his exhibition booth how to pronounce O-ko-no-mi-ya-ki!

I decided to try out the recipe from the flyer I managed to get my hands on before Lavender dragged me off.

100g flour
1 egg
100ml water
100g Cabbage (cut into fine strips)
Optional: Fillings - Octopus, shrimp, squid, beef or anything you like! After all, Okonomi means "your choice" so just add whatever you like.
Okonomiyaki sauce (Japanese Worchester sauce)
Kewpie Mayonnaise

1. Beat raw egg and mix with water.
2. Stir shredded cabbage and flour in another bowl and add (1) and stir lightly.
3. Heat frying pan until quite hot and oil it. Pour (2)
Fry it till brown and flip to the other side and do the same.
4. Serve on a dish and load with Okonomiyaki sauce and Mayonnaise.
5. Sprinkle with lots of katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes).

My #1 daughter doesn't like the strong flavour of the Okonomiyaki sauce so I diluted it in water with a ratio of 2:1, 2 water to 1 Okonomiyaki sauce. It turned out very well and while eating it for dinner, I taught my daughters to pronounce O-ko-no-mi-ya-ki!!


WokkingMum said...

Ooooo ... looks good!!!

Bento Pet said...

wokkingmum: Try it - just throw in your favorite left overs or seafood. Tastes good too!

CarolinaDreamz said...

This is my all-time favorite Japanese dish that I learned from my many exchange students, when my children were very young.

We usually do not deviate from our favorite way to have it.. cabbage, salad shrimp, sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, and corn.

I'm so excited to see this post. I am on my last little bag of the flakes and couldn't remember what they were called. (I had a Japanese market, in California, that I purchased it in, and the package is in Japanese!) I'm delighted to find the name here and will try to order some on the internet now.

I've had good luck finding tonkatsu sauce and mirin, locally, in the regular markets.

Love your blog! *hug* ~Heidi

Bento Pet said...

carolinadreamz: Heidi, thanks for taking the time to come by! I love O-konomiyaki too! I find it very versatile, delicious and easy to make.

Have you every tried Tako-yaki, it's similar to O-konomiyaki except that the batter is thinner and you cook them in a ball like mold. You put some Japanese octopus or prawn into the center and roll it into a ball.

Check out You Tube for Tako-yaki and you'll understand what I'm talking about. At the bottom of my home page, I've linked some You Tube links on Tako-yaki but you need to look out for it to appear and click on it though.

Please come by again!! *Hugs*

CarolinaDreamz said...

Wow! I can't wait to figure out how to try this.. I looked at many youtube videos.

Maybe I need a mold pan now. I saw the videos with the automatic type cookers.. they were funny looking to me.

I've never eaten octopus.

Thanks for telling me about this. I found your reply to my comment by google searching carolinadreamz. I should have figured out how to google myself a long time ago! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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