Monday, August 4, 2008

Recipe for Salted fish bones and vegetables curry

My mum is 80 years old this year. She's an amazing cook who can whip up any dish without referring to it's recipe! I been craving this dish of "Salted fish bones and vegetables curry" for a while and over the weekend she cooked it. I told her that I wanted to blog about it and take some pictures. She was quite accommodating was even a little excited. We had some great "bonding" time laughing and talking about how to cook this dish. She says "SO EASY!" and I on the other hand is "Curry challenged" (can't cook curry if my life depended on it).

However, after this session with mum, I found that it's not that difficult and that I could possibly do it myself! Hehehe! The curry was absolutely delicious! If you are like me "curry challenged" please try it because it is actually quite simple!

But....before I give you the recipe, I need to tell you this, Mum is from the 'old school', she doesn't have a recipe! It's all by "agak-agak" (estimation of proportions), that's why I took quite detailed pictures so that you can see what and how much was used. The amount in the pictures was exactly what she used.

Here's the Ingredients:

The ground ingredients:
6 stems of Serai (lemon grass)
2 inches of Lengkuas/Galangal
1 inch of Kunyit/Tumeric
12 pieces of dried chilli
1 soup bowl of blended onions

Long Beans
Salted fish bones
One Coconut
Salt to taste
Squids (optional)
Pandan leaves

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nobu said...

I have just seen your slide show.
It looks super oishii!!.

and the slide show is great.It is useful to understand detail method.

By the way,my mother is around same age to your mother,she is still cooking.

allthingspurple said...

ha ha. me too, cant cook curry to save my life too.

my MIL also like that, everything also agak agak, so when she cook "tau yew bak" soy braised pork,. I keep stopping her mid track to measure her ladle full of ingredient with measuring spoon to write down, she find it so amusing.

Bento Pet said...

nobu: I am trilled at finding the new software 'smilebox'. I think I can do much more once I experiment with it some more! You are right, it is so much easier to understand detailed methods with the slide show.

I hope when I get to that grand old age, I too can be cooking!

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: My mum makes the most awesome curries. When she was young, she used to make her own curry powders! I remember having to go with her to Old Town to the Indian flour mills to grind her spices!

Mum puts cloves in her Tau Yew Bak, does your recipe have that?

Rita Ho said...

That is one yummy pot of curry and your slide presentation of the recipe is excellent!

I am going to look for some salted fish on my next trip to the Asian food store. :)

Bento Pet said...

rita: Been missing you! Hope you successfully taste this wonderful dish!!

I was trilled at finding the software to do the slide presentation too! Look out for more!


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