Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello 2013!

It's been too long!  Ever since I got my iPad, I have a long-lasting excuse that I couldn't post from it and I was too lazy to sit by the desktop to do any updates.  Lazy Awards gooooooooo tooooooo ME!

I don't know what updates have taken place for the iPad but it seems I can post from it now.  Friends and family have asked me to update my blog.  But I notice a sharp decline of updates in the many blogs which I usually visit.  Well, I guess people have their "moods" and phases.  Mine comes and goes as it pleases too.  Hardly have any control over it!

I am happy that my blog has at least benefitted my second daughter.  She is in her second year doing music in UK.  That one has all the "cook genes" from me.  She loves to eat and cook as well.  Many a time she would refer to recipes from my blog to satiate her palate.

I'm still packing food for the two other kids residing at home.  The eldest who joined the workforce last September and the youngest who is in Form two.  I am still happy and enjoy packing them their boxes and they seem to enjoy their food, so no complains here.

I need to get my photos in order to post them.  Well, till the next post this is a wordy one! Looool!

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