Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bento #20

I prepared the pork for Tonkatsu last night. Tonkatsu is basically a fillet of pork which is tenderized by using a mallet to hammer down.

It is marinated with salt and pepper and coated with flour, egg and bread crumbs, and deep fried. Just like that! This is a popular deep fried (furai category) dish and complimented with a Worcester type sauce.

On the back bento is blanched vegetables and 4 pieces of 'siew mai'.

The one in front contains a bun bought from a nearby deli and tonkatsu. The two sauce containers has tonkatsu sauce and chili sauce for the 'siew mai'.

In another bento, I put some Japanese rice crackers, marshmallows and Panda biscuits for her to snack on. There was also a bottle of frozen orange juice.


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