Friday, June 20, 2008

BENTO #81 & #82

Bento for #2 was free and easy this morning. I marinated the salmon last night and fried it this morning. There was some Kewpie Mayo in the little Hello Kitty tub and a wedge of black pepper Laughing Cow cheese in the same box.

In the other box was some blanched broccoli, butterfly cut carrots and a mix of peanuts and golden raisins.

#2's Bento and Oshibori ready to go.

This challenge to pack #3's Bento box is quite encouraging. This morning, I quickly spread some pizza sauce on a ready made pizza base and topped it with lots of cheeses. Put half a piece into the toaster and when ready, I cut it into eight slices. I packed six and #3 ate two slices for breakfast. She was very happy with her pizza!!

I packed some biscuits and roasted almonds in the other box and gave her some golden raisins.

The box of biscuits, almonds and raisins came back un-touched! #3 said that she didn't like them and anyway the pizza was enough food for break time. Oh! I took the liberty to finish them up - I thought they were delicious!

See #3's Bento and Oshibori all ready to go with it's fancy strap.


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