Sunday, September 25, 2011

Magic Pot cooking again!

I've been having a ball with my magic pots!!!

Last week I made some spaghetti sauce.  Usually I would have to simmer the sauce over low fire for a couple of hours.  This time, I tried using the Magic pot!  The results were amazing as always!

This was the sauce before going into the Magic pot!

This was the sauce after 6 hours in the Magic pot.  It tasted even better than cooking over the gas top!

See the delicious Bolognese sauce below!!!

Bento 319

This bento was made last week!  It's got spaghetti and cheese in it.  There are pieces of mango and carrot cake!  Yeah! In a desperate need to feed my child some 'vegetables', I made carrot cake!  Obviously the little girl didn't know it was carrot cake because I didn't divulge any information.  LOL!

The two boxes behind were filled with spaghetti for her friends!  There was a small bottle of enzyme for her.  I have since gone on to buy a small bottle to contain enzyme!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bento 318

It's been a while since I made a Bento.  It's also been a busy few months preparing #2 for Uni.  Now that both the elder girls are off, I have a lot of time on my hands.

Today's bento was for #3 and I!  UPSR ends tomoro and we'll have a lot of time to spend together doing fun stuff.  Look out for some cooking experiments!  LOL!

Sweet mangoes, Tonkatsu  and some delicious rice! Salad and cherry tomato for garnishing!

One of the two Bentos I made, from a different angle!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Experiments!

I've been busy experimenting with dehydration!  I've been successful dehydrating large Red and Yellow onions under the hot sun.  I use them when I boil soup and it's really tasty and has a wonderful fragrant smell!

Dehydrated Red and Yellow onions

I'm drying ginger this time round.  I was at Genting yesterday and managed to buy some ginger.  Last night, my maid and I skinned, cleaned and sliced the ginger.  We sorted it out nicely on these large basket like trays (compliments from my mother!). 

Dehydrating ginger

After one morning in the sun, it's a little shriveled up already!

Does this look like an over rated "expensive" mop bucket?

I've also been making "enzymes"!

My God son's mother introduced me to this "expensive" bucket which shortens the fermentation time to a quarter of the time required to "process" the enzymes!  My eldest daughter went on a little 'rampage' and said that I spent a small fortune for a 'mop bucket'!!!!

Hahaha!  This is my second batch of enzymes!  The first batch went too fast!  This has become a fast family favorite!  Well, after enjoying the first batch of enzymes, my children didn't have much to complain about the bucket except that the second batch wasn't ready as yet!  LOL!

This bucket doing it "magic"!


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