Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scones NOT Stones!

Scones has been a hot topic of discussion in our home lately. #1 love the scones at "Delicious". Their "traditional English afternoon tea for two" is simply delicious and worth every cent, it says "for two" but four of us shared this and couldn't finish!

I buy my stock of scones from the cafe at The Royal Lake Club and The Coffee Bar @ Amcorp Mall. I've heard more than a dozen stories about attempts to make "scones which turn into stones (instead)."

I very proudly declared to my children that I "made scones" which DON'T turn into stones! My daughters eyes open up brightly and asked if that were 'really true?' Of course, I replied, because I know the 'trick' to make fluffy scones and NOT stones. They were intrigued because they've not tried home made scones before.

So, I was pestered into making scones since last weekend. First problem I encountered was my missing recipe. I remember I made a lot of research before I attempted to make scones because it's my favorite tea-time snack.

Nevertheless, I went online to Martha Stewart.com to search for a scone recipe. I found this recipe and finally attempted it today.

It's wonderfully light and aromatic, in short - just delicious!!

Home baked scone served with Lemon Curd, Whipped Cream and Strawberry jam.

Care to join me for tea?


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