Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bento 242

I am relishing this wonderful 'drive' for packing bentos. I was exhausted this morning because friends came by last night and we were up till past midnight. My wake up call for 2010 is at 6.15a.m but I couldn't drag myself up till 6.40a.m.

Whoa! So late! Thank goodness for my paranoid planning ahead habit. I already had a menu and layout sketched out for this morning's bento and I just had to put it together.

Yesterday's leftover spaghetti Aglio Olio from lunch came in handy and luckily I had the good sense to pull out a box of Bolognaise sauce from the freezer for use this morning.

I took fifteen minutes to put this bento together. There's chopped baby corn with some rollo rosa and julienne carrots, all tossed in some sesame seed dressing.

There is left over fruit cake from Christmas for dessert today and a mix of Spaghetti and Bolognaise sauce for a hearty lunch. lasts for seven hours today with three back to back classes and a short break in between. I hope #2 has time to eat.


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