Friday, May 11, 2012

Bento 321

Last night my baby came back from tuition and made her tuna mix for this mornings break time box.  I used to do this but since she learn to make it, she's been making it since.

It's basically just a can of tuna in Olive oil, some chopped large yellow onions, chopped gerkins, a hard boiled egg, mayonnaise, salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.  It's easy enough for a 13 year old to manage.

This morning I  just had to split open two croissants, slip in a lettuce leaf and load up the tuna mix.  Before I cut them into pieces, I had to secure the individual parts with some skewers.  There was still some seedless grapes (which you will often see because that's about the only fruit or two which she consumes) and the box was done.

This box couldn't take both the croissants so the balance made up my breakfast before I slipped back into bed.

Freshly toasted croissants loaded with lettuce and tuna mix.

There's skinned, seedless grapes at the back of the top box.


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