Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Bento stash!

I am really contented and happy now. I've been bento-ing for more than a year and I've had to source for bento boxes and it's accessories from all over the world from as far as Japan, USA, Singapore and Philippines because there was NOTHING available in Malaysia then.

I've had to ask favors from friends to purchase these bento stuff for me. Most people are very accommodating, some humor me and some look at my list wide eyed but are still willing to do it because with the list, I've printed details and pictures of the bento stuff I want, of which of course, my friend/s have no inkling what they are buying.

There has been times where over zealous (bless them) friends go on a buying rampage only to buy the wrong stuff and stuff which I already own by the dozen. I just grit my teeth, smile and thank them profusely. Mind you, not the hypocritical way but the very "Malaysian manner".

With the new and endless supply of bento boxes and bento accessories made available via the 100 Yen stores and Daiso @ The Curve, it's a dream come true for any bento packer.

I used to stare at all the stuff on e-bay and wish I could own them but was terribly deterred by the freight charges. It always worked out more than the cost of the items themselves which I thought was ridiculous!

Over the last week or so I've acquired a large variety of accessories. If you've followed this blog closely, you'd realize that I've stopped buying bento boxes. I own one too many already.

Daiso has re-stocked again and I got some fruit forks and then instead of using paper to line my sandwich box I've been recommended to use a hankie, so I got one.

These are one of the most popular items that bento packers scourge for, all made available by Daiso.

Bunny mold and juice extractors.

Banana keeper and some onigiri molds.

Finally, I was at Kuchai Lama, 100 Yen today and managed to get these containers.

I feel like in heaven today......*yelps in joy*


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