Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bento 193

I made Ratatouille last night. I've only had this dish once and I liked it. The recipe in the "Cooks Bible" which I bought for #2 looked easy. I had all the ingredients and I started cooking after dinner.

All the vegetables were basically 'hard' vegetables and had to be cut into bite sizes. The brinjal or aubergines went under the knife first because it had to be sprinkled with salt and left aside for a while to allow it to soften.

Part of the time was spent cooking down the onions, garlic, aubergines and pepper, the rest of the vegetables, thyme and tomatoes were added halfway through. In total, preparation and cooking time, I took about one hour.

This was the result.

The Ratatouille was further flavored with salt and pepper. It's really got a wide mix of flavors and textures. The courgettes added a crunch to the Ratatouille, the peppers and celery gave it a pungent flavor, the aubergines were smoothly soft and the tomatoes added a tinge of sweet and sour taste. Quite a mouth full really.

The whole pot went into the fridge last night. I made Couscous to eat with the Ratatouille and it tasted so good. I know in Malaysia, many people don't know what Couscous is because our staple is rice and there's really no need for an alternative.

I think Couscous and Ratatouille is a perfect match for each other. One bland, and the other bursting with a wide mix of flavors! This was my lunch!

Some seedless grapes and a silicon cup of strawberry yogurt and a box of Couscous topped with Ratatouille.

Normally, I wouldn't pack yogurt with bentos to go but I ate this at home as soon as I packed it so it was still cool.


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