Monday, March 16, 2009

Girls day out!

Emily, our Bento ranger is going back to work tomorrow! Some of us bento packers are now on holiday because school is out for a week.

Some of us found an excuse to take a 'bento tour' together!

Kel and her be-dimpled little girl, Sharon and her very cutesy, curly haired babylet and I met at "Souled Out" in Hartamas this morning. We scooted off to the 100 Yen store at Taman Desa to meet Emily.

This was a very calculated and constrained 'bento tour' because we reminded each other about not going over board!! All of us were 'very good', we bought household necessities and literally 'ignored' the bento accessories. Truth be told, we already had most of the items.

I bought a masking tape dispenser, some velcro to hold back the hair like a hair band and two other accessories for my god-son. The velcro which is packed in the blue and pink packing was a hit with my two elder girls. It's meant to hold the hair back for you to put make up or wash your face - cool invention - thanks Kel for recommending it!

All the bento accessories you see here were either swapped with Emily or given by her. The loose picks were given to me by Sharon. Thank you so much ladies!!

In the swap items I made with Emily, I packed a bottle of the same sesame seed dressing (picture below) which I use for my bentos. It used to come in a 200ml bottle, now it's in a 190ml bottle. Likely an economic decision to hold the price and reduce the content by TOPVALUE.

For those of you readers who have been asking about which brand of sesame seed dressing I've been posting about, this is it. In fact, the packaging has also been changed but it's the same content.

It's delicious with everything, pasta, salad, konyaku, dip for steam boat and lots of other variations.

No plastic bag used today. We all brought our own bags to keep our purchases.

We spent very little time in the 100 Yen stores because we were hungry.

When we arrived at Rosie's, (check out Emily's blog for details) we chatted non-stop, as expected with four women with the same interest! The two little girls spent time in the Rosie's restaurant garden blowing bubbles.

We ate and ate and ate from starters to salad, mains to dessert, from coffee and back for more desserts again! We couldn't breath or down anymore food and vowed we'd meet again, only next time we'll bring our own packed bentos (for a change) and draw lots to see who gets whose bento!

That way, Emily will have no chance to pick up the bill again! Thanks for the treat Em!

Yipee! A swell idea and something to look forward to.

Mini Quiches

Last Friday #2 helped me make mini quiches, posted from here - Maki's blog @ Just Bento. It was a guest post by jokergirl a.k.a. Were rabbits.

I used the Feta-and-tomato cheese filling and it turned out awesome. It was simple once you have all the ingredients! I trimmed all the bits and corners sticking out of the puff pastry so that the quiche would look tidy and able to be packed into a bento box.

I made 12 pieces and wanted to freeze them for bento packing. I heard #2 tell her elder sister "What bento? It's the holidays already, no need to keep for bento!"

She was telling #1 to keep eating while she was also stuffing her mouth with one more. By the time I got to the table there was these 3 quiche's left!!

Three guesses as to who finished these 3!!


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