Friday, August 3, 2007

Tamagoyaki, Teriyaki Sake (Salmon), Enoki and Miso soup

This was tonight's dinner. Yum, Yum!


That's how you 'roll' the Tamago

On the left - frying the Salmon.

Right - cooking the teriyaki sauce.

Left - Soaking dried Wakame for Miso soup
Next to the bowl is the Silken Tofu.

Right - Wakame "expanded".

Left - mixing the Miso into some Dashi stock .

Right - the final product,
Miso soup!!

Fried Enoki (straw mushrooms) with strips of carrot.
Sauteed with garlic and oyster sauce.
Class one!!

My Pickles are ready

My second batch of pickles. Delicious!!

Easy Bento #4

Daughter number 1 requested for 'one ton mee' for today's Bento.
She says it's best in the world!! Ha! Ha! Inspired to go on.
Top Bento ~ Sawi and fish balls on a bed of 'one ton mee'. Bottom Bento ~ Banana washed and sliced with skin intact, raisins and marshmellows.

The ready Bento box to go. Next to it is the
'Sabah chilli sauce'
mixed with shoyu and hot water.
This is very potent and goes very well
with any type of oriental styled noodles.
My father-in-law never fails to bring our supply
when he comes to visit.
God bless him!


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