Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Rose, Rose, I love you" and Bento #52

I baked a Chocolate cake yesterday because I want to pack some for tomorrow when we go to Genting Highlands to watch "Rose, Rose, I love you". For the more 'matured' Malaysians, the name Rose Chan should ring a bell. She was the legendary Cabaret Queen and 'stripper' who eventually died of cancer.

The script for the musical "Rose, Rose, I love you" is written by Yim Mei Choo and directed by Low Ngai Yuen. The stars are Tin Tan (singer Ah Niu's sister) and Carmen Soo.

Director Low Ngai Yuen and music director Penny Low worked on a previous production; "The Girl from Ipoh", unfortunately I didn't get to watch that.

But I did get to watch "Girls just wanna have fun" end of last year in Actors studio, a pop musical of hits from the 60's, starring the LiT performers (KL's all-women A Cappella group) under the music direction of Penny Low. It was a fantastic production and night of beautiful songs and well choreographed dance.

Penny Low's musical direction of the A Cappella singers was absolutely awesome! I've met Penny several times and she's exudes simplicity, confidence and certainly every inch a talented musician.

Anyway so much for that, I just love musicals and can't wait to watch "Rose, Rose I love you", partly also because Melinda Looi designed the costumes for the two main casts. I'm told that there is even an Orchestra backing the singing. I'm looking forward to that. the way, this is not a promotional write up of "Rose, Rose, I love you". Many may think that this type of musical is not suitable for children but I've been assured that there is NO nudity and indecency in the musical. I'm excited about going up the 'hill' tomorrow!

Anyway back to bento-ing. Like I said earlier, I baked a Chocolate cake because I wanted to bring this up to Genting for the kids to snack on. We have a room there which we can rest for a couple of hours before the musical starts and I'm sure the Chocolate cake will finish as fast as the passing hours.

This morning's bento was quick. I bought some fresh Radish last night at Tesco. Since this morning's salad didn't have any color and I didn't want to use carrots again, I scrapped the Radish with a mandoline and mixed it with some baby romaine, topped it with Parmesan cheese and Kewpie Mayo.

I added a few grapes into the same box. In the other box, you can see the moist Chocolate cake and some Gyoza. There is a Hello Kitty sauce cup with some Gyoza dip.

I was on the line with my bes-test friend who now resides in Quebec, Canada for two hours last night. She has no inkling what bento is about and in the last three months of nagging her to read my blog had proven futile.

Last night I brought her on a tour of my blog. Amidst the Ohh..s and Ahhh...s I realised that for people who don't know much or anything about bento, they can't even envision the whole end product, i.e. with it's cover and strap and I decided that I will even post up photos of the bento boxes for their benefit!

Another bottle of cold juice in an insulated bottle bag.


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