Saturday, May 3, 2008

Flavours Magazine's "Saucy Affair"

As of today, I have officially subscribed to "Flavours", a local food magazine. I was at one of it's cooking workshops today. Chef Jean-Michel Fraisse from the French Cooking School was at hand 'saucing sauces' to tantalize our taste buds!!

Below, making of brown sauce.

After two and a half hours

Cumin-scented Creme Fraiche & yoghurt sauce. I loved the colors more than the flavour.

Tatare sauce served with hard boiled eggs.

All in all, it was very interesting. If you like herbs and find that your cooking is sometimes short of a sauce or gravy, this is an excellent workshop.
The Chef was entertaining and comes with a world of experience. Ask him any question and he'll have an answer for you. As he puts it "I'll bulls**t even if I have no answer". Seriously though, he is very clear and even makes brown sauce cooking look easy to attempt. Look out market, I'm coming on Tuesday to buy "Kaki tulang" for my brown sauce!!!

I got home and whipped up a chicken and mushroom white sauce for dinner. Had it with some Penne pasta. Bon Appetite!!


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