Friday, January 16, 2009

BENTO #154

It's fish Friday again! This time it's not the same old Salmon (even though, I'm sure #2 will not mind because she loves Salmon).

Two days ago, Hubs brought back a whole freezer box of seafood which he bought from some wholesaler in Klang. This is our Chinese New Year supply of fish, prawns, lala, fish and more fish!

I can't tell one fish from another so all seafood purchases are normally done by my mum or Hubs. Oh! I know Salmon, Cod fish and Promfrets but most others are just Greek to me.

Last night, I rummaged the freezer and picked up a slice of 'fish' - please don't ask me what fish because I don't know the name! Got to ask Hubs tonight.

This morning when I fried it, it was absolutely fresh and delicious! I fried some sprouts with slivered cuttle fish, some straw mushrooms fried with julienne carrots and added a small fruit compote for #2's Bento box.

The same stuff for #1's Bento box!

This is how the 3 tiered box looks like.

These mornings, I pack three Bento boxes, but because #3 is an extremely picky eater I only have very limited food stuff to pack. It's always rotating between tuna mayo sandwich, cookies, sushi, cookies, spaghetti aglio olio, cookies, orange, cookies and more cookies!

I really don't think #3's box can be called a "Bento" and sadly it doesn't require any effort at all to pack! I've been trying to encourage her to be a little more adventurous with her food but to no avail.

She 'eats' with her 'eyes and nose' and not by tasting! Fancy Bento cuts and patterns doesn't entice her enough either! *sad, sad*


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