Monday, August 11, 2008

BENTO #120

Bento box for school has been scarce lately. #2 is going out for lunch with her friends and asked to pass her break time bento.

She did, however add that she'd like to have a light bento for after her music class.

This is a two tier box which is like a 'tiffin carrier'. In the left box, is marinated tofu slabs fried in minimal oil. There are some seedless grapes and 3 pieces of water chestnuts.

In the right box, there is alfalfa sprouts and tuna mayo and a silicon cup full of some lightly fried straw mushrooms, carrot bits and angle beans.

The good news is, #2 now fits better into her sister's cream colored dress and quite pleased with the progress of her 'diet'. *Phew! Wipes sweat away*


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