Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Soap making

Last weekend, I brought my youngest daughter for a soap making class.  It was a Groupon promotion and I'd delayed the class till the last lesson.  Been busy!

Soap making seems like an easy process but one must not be deceived!  It can be dangerous because of the use of Sodium Hydroxide a.k.a. caustic soda.  

I enjoyed the two plus hours of demonstration and hands on lesson but cautious to begin on my own until I learn a little more.

My youngest daughter took some pictures which shows a simplified process of soap making.

Below are the oils, lye and utensils.


Pouring the lye into the oils and stirring continuously.

 After 20 minutes of stirring, the mixture becomes thick and ready.

 The balance half is mixed with some red  yeast for coloring purpose.


Stir in the natural coloring.

 Pouring the colored balance into the half filled containers.

Use a satay stick to make patterns.

After 24 hours, the content will harden enough for cutting.

Pieces of soap ready for curing purpose between 30-40 days.

My eldest daughter said that the soap looked like pieces of marble cake!!


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