Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bento box #1

This was today's lunch box. Rice, sour pork ribs (courtesy of Mum's cooking last night), baby corn and sawi.

On the right is a box of Honey Stars for her breakfast.
Far back is a Japanese rice cracker from 100 Yen shop.

On the left is a pair of recently purchased chopsticks to complete the meal. Enjoy!

Aluminium foil food cups

Oval and round aluminum foil food cups bought from 1U.

Oil Pots

Mini oil pots.

I bought this one from Singapore.
It's fancier and more expensive.

I bought this one at my favourite 100 Yen shop. It's basic but very practical. I use this for oiling my pan when I make tamagoyaki

Pickle box

This is a pickle box used to serve pickles on the table.

Single Tier Bento Box for #3

This box is for daughter number 3. Can hold up to 360 ml.

More Bentos

I think they call this Sakura Bento boxes. Also can be seen sold on the Internet.

As usual, bought this at my favourite
100 Yen shop!! Lol!!

This is how it looks inside.


I attended a talk by a Priest at a local church last night and he was explaining about how marriage is not a profession (some of us think so) but a vocation. It boils down to the LOVE in the relationship.

"When things get tough, remember how you fell in love with each other the first time" he said. "Remember this love story well and keep it in your heart and play it back, it would be what will get you going when things aren't looking good".

Monday, July 30, 2007


Daughter number two loved my first batch of pickles. She cleaned out the bottle and insisted I refill with fresh vegetables.

I used Tarragon vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaves, some cloves and sugar.
It's got a sweet and sour taste which is pleasing to the palette.

I loaded the bottle with kyuri (Japanese cucumbers), carrots and celery.

Another way to eat Oden

Boil some Udon noodles and just add Oden and viola an excellent hearthy dish for a rainy day.


Home made Gyoza. Need to improve on the 'stapling' method and the skin.
Otherwise the taste of the filling is delicious!! Forgot to take photo of the vinegar dip.

Random Bento

The magic of Instant mee! Indomie goreng on the right with a hard boiled egg.

French beans and sausages on the left.

Vegetable cutters
I bought these @ 1U.


My second attempt at Oden. I love Oden and my children and husband enjoyed it at dinner time.
It was left over Oden to bring to school the next day.

Early Bento Box

The left bento contains some vegetables and baby corn garnished with some carrot flowers. I blanched them in hot water and added some fried shallot oil and some soy sauce.

The right bento contains fried rice with egg, garnished with some carrot flowers (tulips) and a baby croissant.

Sick today

I've been sick over the weekend. Down with a running nose and sore throat. Seeing the doctor in the afternoon. I'm going to post some random shots of some of the stuff I've been cooking for my girls to bring to school.

I've not got into the rythmn of regularly taking pictures of what I pack and dating them. But I'm going to do so from today because I'm excited about my blog and I want to see how far I can go with this.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

...and then I bought another two...

Clikety Click Bento box by Lube sheep purchased from 100 Yen shop @ RM4.90.
Can be seen sold on the internet for USD 8-10.
Top tier can hold 330 ml, bottom tier can hold 250 ml.

Top tier under the transparent cover allows you to hold your fork and spoon or chopsticks, otherwise you can also put small snacks like seaweed or some m&ms.
The bottom layer is smaller than the top one thus you can stack it inside the top layer when you've finished with your food. Then you get a half size bento to bring home.

Swiped all the bento straps off the shelf of the 100 Yen shop.

There weren't many left so I bought them all.

The inside of the Bento box. Each layer has a cover on it's own.

Puti Fresh going Bananas, also can be purchased
on the internet for USD 8-10.

I bought in 100 Yen shop for RM4.90.

My first Bento box

..and so, my Bento journey begins..

What is this craze I've just got myself into? Weeks ago I was a sane housewife with a hectic schedule. It was shuttling the children to school, activities and back. I've been through some 'phases' but BENTO!!! Ouch!! It's taking over my mind, body and soul - literally.

My two elder girls came back from school complaining about the food served in the school canteen. Aghh...cannot eat lah Mum. The food is just so bad! So how? Asks Mum. Can you pack food for us? Huh? Pack food? You must be joking! I've not packed food for you eversince you two were out of your diapers. MMmummm!!! Do you want to see your two daughters starve during canteen time? That hit the GUILT button. Ok! Ok! I'll try something.

Got up half an hour earlier the next morning and packed them a cheese sandwich (I know-so boring-what to do-rusty from so many years break). I started to surf the Internet for ideas. I hit a random site and encountered my first Bento experience - Cooking cute. It was out of this world! I was stunned by the ideas, style and presentation.

I liked the idea of Bento and it's relation to Japanese food. My children loves Japanese food. I've been whipping up some cool Japanese dishes for years. I make a mean futomaki and can easily entertain with a wide spread of authentic Japanese dishes. Oh yes!! I was quite excited about the Bento encounter at Cooking cute.

After that, there was no turning back. I scourged the net for Bento, Bento and Bento. My mind was filled with Bento ideas, thoughts, and adrenalin rush. I had sleepless nights tossing in my bed thinking and dreaming about Bento.

I went out to the nearest 100 Yen shop to shop for Bento. My lack of experience surprised me with an encounter with my first Bento. I packed my first Bento for my children, days later. It never dawned on me that I should take any photos. As I got more adrenalin rush to be more 'creative' I went shopping some more for supplies, bento accessories, etc. etc.

Then I found a local site: Cooking Momster Corner. She's got an interesting cooking site. I envy her skill for cooking all those local dishes. My expertise is only in the area of Japanese and Italian food. I got even more excited when she posted recently about a package she ordered out of Japan. From the pictures I saw it was almost a complete set for anyone to begin Bento-ing.

So I said to myself, why not I also start blogging about my Bento experiences. It seems kind of a fun thing. And thus the birth of this blog. Ha! Ha! Welcome to my musings.


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