Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I packed two sets of Bento this morning because #2 is staying back in school up to 3.30p.m. There's a debate going on and she's there to support her friends.

The blue Bento is for the 10a.m. break at school. It contains smoked turkey ham rolled with cheese, carrots, french beans and some red and green coral. I added sliced oranges and Kiwi for dessert.

For lunch, I packed rice (forgot to dust with furikake), some chicken karaage, blanched carrots, French beans and a hot pot of ABC soup.

The picture below shows the two Bento boxes and a set of Monokuro Boo cutlery. There was a bottle of frozen "Loh Han Koa" drink packed in a Yellow Urara water thermal insulated Bento bag and an
oshibori box and towel.

#1's been talking about "green awareness" and I spoke to #2 to stop using 'wet ones' and to start using the oshibori towel instead. All agreed and it looks like the oshibori box will be a permanent feature in future pictures.


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