Thursday, October 16, 2008

BENTO #143

Hubs and I was away for an assignment yesterday to Seremban. We left in the morning and was to be scheduled back by night fall. Luckily #1 just finished her exams and she was off College thus she could fetch #3 back from school.

While running through the day's schedule with #1 and #2, I sheepishly proposed that they could either cook their own dinner or go over to my friend's house to eat.

Funny how they responded with such enthusiasm and glee at the prospect of having to cook their own dinner. They both started to plan their menu and I was involved in a conversation somewhat like this:

#1: I'll cook the spaghetti!
#2: I'll roast a chicken!
#1: Yeah! And you make your Caesar's salad too.
#2: So mum, how to roast the chicken ah?
Mum: You rub the chicken with pepper and salt, add butter, rosemary and lemon juice and roast it!
#2: Oh! Okay.
Mum: You sure you don't want to go over to Aunty T's house for dinner?
#1: Ah....see first.
Mum: Okay then, I'm off.

In the afternoon there was a barrage of phone calls querying for ingredients, methods, where food items were stocked and what was available in the refrigerator. I had taken half a chicken out of the freezer for them to roast and assumed that they would just simply follow my methods of cooking.

How was I to know that they were a little more inspired by this 'little adventure' to try out some varied recipes from my cook books and downloaded the roast chicken recipe.

Hubs and I had dinner in Seremban and when we were setting out to leave for home, #1 called to say that they had kept some dinner for us. I was looking forward to trying 'their' dinner.

When we got home, close to 10.30p.m. the food was on the dining table and #1 was waiting for us. The other two girls was in bed already. I opened the food covers and tried the roast chicken. Oh my goodness!! The roast chicken was absolutely delicious! Didn't taste like mine at all! #1 told me that they used the same ingredients as I did and added balsamic vinegar and it tasted awesome! I went on to taste the Fettuccine with fresh tomato sauce. The Fettuccine was a little under done but had a lovely aroma of garlic, basil and fresh tomatoes minus the salt and pepper!

"Oh! That's what was missing said #1, salt and pepper wasn't in the recipe". My jaw drops and we had a good laugh.

She then took the Caesar's salad out from the fridge and it was delicious. #2 has always been able to make a 'killer salad'! Hubs and I was quite surprised and certainly proud at the turn out of their 'experimental cooking'. From what I heard from #1, they had a great time trying to figure out the various herbs and cooking methods and I'm very happy to see that they are able to work together and enjoy it as well!

Fettuccine with fresh tomato sauce.

Last night's dinner - home made by #1 & #2!
Clockwise from top: Fettuccine with fresh tomato sauce, Apple juice with apple cubes,
Caesar's salad, fried nuggets for #3 and roasted rosemary balsamic chicken!

I've not packed a Bento for one week already. When I got back late last night, all I thought of was my bed and I knocked off at 11.30p.m. which was pretty early by my standards. Obviously there was no planning of this morning's Bento, but I did purposely leave some of their dinner for this morning.

In the left box is the Fettuccine with fresh tomato sauce topped with last bit of the delicious roast chicken. I sliced some cucumbers and carrots for vegetables.

In the right box is a mixture of strawberries, grapes, kiwi and orange for fruits.

edited this post with pictures taken from #1.


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