Monday, January 14, 2008

Bento #53

This is the first Bento for 2008!
Three boxes for three girls going to morning school! This was made on the first day of school which started last week.

The Oval black ones are for #2 and so is the white one which contains Tuna Onigiri. The older girls are still on a fruit and vegetable 'diet'. The pink box is for my 'baby' - #3 is nine years old, she too wanted fruits like her two elder sisters. The blue bento is for #1.

Other than fruits, the other box contains broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and two types of fish balls. I get these fish balls from the Japanese section of Jaya Jusco @ 1U and they are really very tasty. I topped them with Kewpie mayo and cheese! Mmmmm.....


Over the Christmas period, it was cupcake season in our household!! #1's creativity juices were running on the max and we were churning cupcakes like a bakery!!!

Just look at the various designs she did....

Most of the cupcakes were slathered with butter cream and the snowmen were rolled out of fondant and so were the little 'presents', candles and acorns!


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