Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More sushi!

Tonight, as in all 3rd Wednesdays we go for our BEC gathering in a nearby home. It's a gathering of neighboring Catholics where we come together in a time for prayer and fellowship. On days like these, each family cooks a dish and brings to the host family and have dinner after prayers.

Tonight, after a long absence, the BEC will savor my signature dish again - SUSHI! The last couple of months have been Chinese food and they've been dropping HEAVY hints about missing my sushi!

My 3 tiered Jyubako from Japan. Love to bring this box for parties!

Wish I had been a little more tidy with the cutting. If the Japanese Chef who taught me sushi saw the way I cut the sushi, he'd have a heart attack!

*I was rushing, chef, sorry!*

New Bento box?

We have a one day holiday today, so #2 is off school and there's no Bento!

Some random musings....

When my niece passed this to mum to bring back from Penang, I was quite excited. It looked like a bento box!

Unfortunately, it wasn't, and I was a little disappointed! (Sorry sweet heart, your Aunt is such a bento addict). It turned out to be a box of Japanese biscuits. She'd just returned from a stint in Japan and bought chocolates and these Japanese biscuits for mum to bring back for the cousins.

What a thoughtful thing to do. Not many young people these days 'bother' and it's nice to acknowledge the few who still remember their parents teachings and "P's and Q's".

And did I mention? This thoughtful young lady is on the way to being a doctor? Yeah!


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