Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More cake?

#1 and #3 has the same God parents.
It was their God pa's birthday on Monday.
#3 called God pa up early in the morning to wish him "Happy Birthday".
Following that, she offered God pa a birthday cake to be baked by #1.
Of course she nicely forgot to inform #1 to bake the cake and when #1 came back from visiting God pa, she found out that there was a Birthday cake outstanding.

#1: "Hmmm... how ah Ma, she asks?" Can we ice another cake?
Mum: Haiez.... no, no, no! Don't 'kacau' me!
It's the holidays and I want to enjoy it by relaxing!

#1: Only one cake mum!

Mum: Hmm...okay, okay!

So our expedition commenced!
Along the way, we decided to try to bake cup cakes because it's so popular these days
(never baked them before) - cup cakes, here we come!

Went to the Wilton shop to buy some supplies and get some ideas.
I was told that I could use my butter cake recipe to bake the cup cakes.
Bought some cup cake cups, food color and some nozzles.
These are our first attempt at cup cakes.

We baked a whole cake and the balance became cup cakes.
#1 tried out the new Wilton food colors and iced the cake.
It was a disaster!
Wrong color combination, wrong nozzles, wrong spelling and all things wrong!
Looked at each other and decided the same thing.
Forget about the cake and try icing the cup cakes.

This was the final result!

Gosh! I quite admire #1 and her determination.
I just helped her with the cake and the rest she did herself.
Denon's cake was her first actual attempt at baking and
I'm happy that she's more inspired than put off by the 'hard work'!

#1 reminds me that she's organizing a surprise Birthday party with "M's" mother.
It's for "M" her gym partner, partner in crime, coffee 'kaki', study partner (?), swimming buddy, jogging buddy, old school friend......the list goes on.
What can I say? Ah...okay, okay.

#1: Mum, can you make some sushi for "M's" birthday?
Her mum is doing the rest of the cooking.
Mum: For "M", sure why not! Just remind her that

'unfortunately, my husband doesn't bake'
I grinned at #1.

(we both break into loud guffaws)

#1: Errmm...Can we bake some more cup cakes? I want to do it for "M".
Mum: Hello!! Not enough cup cakes ah? We've been baking cakes since the holidays started!
Can't you see that we're all putting on weight with all the butter and cream!!!!
#1: Yeah...! But I still want to bake and ice cup cakes for "M".
Mum: Haiez...I think you will soon be known as

"#1 (name) - surname - cup cake" if you keep at this!

Bake! Bake! Bake!
Ice! Ice! Ice!!

If you read this, can you please give your mama a break from baking. Your mum isn't called 'Bento Pet' because she bakes, it's because she loves bento-ing and not baking.


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