Friday, July 4, 2008


Hmmmm.....I wonder how #2 will react when she sees Salmon in her salad. I'm guessing that she'll be happy because it is, after all her favorite fish!

She couldn't finish yesterday's Bento. It was too much, she said. Part of the orange and some croutons were left over. I need to remember that she's a small eater and that I shouldn't try to 'sneak' more food than necessary into her Bentos!

I used the same mixed salad that I bought on Wednesday. In it has a mixture of Baby Romaine & Lollo Rossa/Red Leaf. I bought the mixed pack because it's more economical than buying individual packs and not being able to finish before it all wilts away.

This morning I tossed the mixed salad with corn, freshly fried Salmon, plump cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese and extra virgin olive oil. This is a delicious end to the week!!

In the other box, I sliced oranges and golden kiwi and placed them in a silicon cup. The monkey container is the teeniest-weeniest tub of Japanese Kewpie Mayo ever!! Next to it is the ever-favorite banana sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

Bon Appetit!


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