Thursday, April 15, 2010


There was Tiramisu for dessert at last night's meeting. I had made it a day ahead so that it could set properly. I'm fussy and particular about Tiramisu, and because it's one of my favorite desserts I have experimented with many versions and recipes.

This one in particular, I like very much because it's just simply delicious. Every time I make this, compliments pour in non stop.

Below, whisking egg yolks with sugar and Mascarporne cheese.

Dipping sponge fingers in double strength coffee, sugar and Khalua.

Lining the sponge fingers for the base layer.

Spreading the cheese mix and whipped egg whites on the first layer of coffee laden sponge fingers.

Beginning the second layer.

The recipe yielded a second bowl of Tiramisu. *grins*

Sponge fingers should NOT be dipped through. The center should be like this, dry and clean of coffee.

The first bowl of Tiramisu dusted with Chocolate powder.

The second bowl of Tiramisu.

This is how it look from the sides over night from the fridge.

Another side view.


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