Thursday, August 28, 2008

BENTO #126

Fish balls and plump cherry tomatoes! I think #2 can live on these everyday and not get bored! She commented last night after dinner at the "Pork knuckle restaurant" that it's the multi eating sessions and food that's making her put on weight!

"In Korea, there are only 3 main meals and no tea time in between" she says. "We are all so busy practicing the piano that we don't have time to think of eating".

Well sweetheart, this is NOT Korea and mum's around and don't like to see your protruding cheek bones and sunken cheeks! I'll just feed you until you look 'right' again.

Lot's of proteins in today's bento. In the left box there are 2 types of fish balls, one fried and one boiled (notice the different texture and color). Sliced them into half and sandwiched a slice of tomato in between.

In the right bento box is a heart shaped hard boiled egg with a pink flower bottle containing shoyu, some Korean seeded delicacies and some sliced oranges.


3 more days to register and pay up for the Bento Party!!


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