Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What a week! (Part 2)

And so the story continues from here.

In the morning of the second day, the surgeon confirmed that it was appendicitis and #2 had to go for surgery immediately. In today's advanced technology, the removal of appendicitis is a simple and quick procedure. One needn't undergo an operation to remove it and have a six to eight inch scar for a souvenir anymore.

The surgeon recommended a Laparoscopic appendicitis procedure which entails three small incisions. A one inch incision is made in the umbilical for the laparoscope (a camera like device) connected to a huge projection screen for the surgeon to 'see' the inside of the abdominal area. The abdominal area is first pumped with Carbon dioxide to bloat it up like a balloon to create 'space' above the organs for the surgeon to carry out his craft. Another two small incisions are made for the instruments. One incision below the bikini area and one on the lower left. Dato' Haron was very specific in his explanation of the procedure and assured us that it was a quick and simple process.

I was still quite tense and #2 whispered to me and said that she wanted to move over to SJMC where her pediatrician's clinic was. I didn't quite have enough time to digest when I realized that hubs had already signed the necessary documents to go ahead with the Laparoscopic appendicitis procedure in DSH. I was a little concerned because she had to go under general anaesthesia. I've heard some fatal stories and I couldn't but help to worry of the risk involved.

By mid day #2 was being wheeled to the operating theater. As we were leaving to get some lunch, one nurse came running towards us and said that we hadn't signed the documents for the administration of GA. Agggghhhhhh.....!

So we followed her to the operating theater and waited for the anesthesiologist. I already had an issue with GA and now had to face with waiting for the anesthesiologist. I was a bag of nerves. I just continued praying in my heart and praying and praying.

Finally the anesthesiologist arrived after being paged for. I was relived to see a very fatherly figure of an anesthesiologist. He asked several questions in relation to allergies, health and drug consumption. After that, I felt the burden lift from my heart and realized that God had again answered my prayers. By 3.00p.m. she was back in her room feeling very tired and sore. She survived well and was a very good patient. No tantrums or whining. She had, had no food for more than 32 hours and was not allowed solid food. She just survived on sips of water.

That night, #1 stayed a second night with #2. In the middle of the night, #1 began to vomit. Early morning on the third day, #1 called and reported her state of condition. I rushed to the hospital. "I just need to go home to rest mum" #1 reports to me and zooms off home.

I stayed with #2 she had visitors coming in and out the whole day. It was heart warming to know so many people care and love her. I think she enjoyed receiving the little 'pressies' she got along with the visits!

Meanwhile, #1 comes back in the afternoon, to my surprise. The two of them often 'rolls eyes' at each other and have their differences. Surprisingly in a situation like this, they can't be out of sight of each other for too long! That's cool.

Hubs dragged #1 to the Emergency center to see a doctor about her vomiting condition. The doctor immediately ordered her to be put on the drip because she's dehydrated. When the nurse tries to administer the needle to the vein on the back of her hand, she asks "Kak, sakit kah? Adik saya cakap sakit lah". The nurse replies "tak lah". And so the nurse pricks into the vein and hooks up the saline solution and asks her to lie down to relax for an hour.
When all is done, she comes back upstairs to #2's room and freaks out about how painful it was! #2 sheepishly replies "Yeah Cheah (sister)! Only last night you told me to shut up and go to sleep! See, now you get to experience it yourself!" #1!!

#2 was in the hospital for four days and we celebrated with Haagen Dazs ice-cream on the
way home!!


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