Monday, November 3, 2008

Temporary Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of Bento posts. I'm busy with the arrangements for my mother's 80th birthday celebrations this weekend. We're having a big bash for her although this is not her "big birthday"! We celebrated that when she was 75 years old so this is just the 'ordinary' birthday bash! If you don't understand it's okay, it a Chinese cultural thingy and I'm also quite confused with it's traditions. Just follow what the 'aunty consultants' advice.

I haven't packed a bento for almost 2 weeks reason being #2 has been very busy preparing for the national debate competition with her school team. It's been a chaotic 2 week (stressful too!) since the school debate team were informed that the original Selangor state winners for the Wira debate pulled out of the run at the last minute leaving #2's school team (Selangor runner's up) to decide whether to go for it or not with 12 days to prepare for the nationals. Their preparations covers 4 motions, Government and opposition for 3 speakers which amount up to about 32 speeches in 12 days.

Being naturally competitive as they are, they obviously decided to sideline their final exams and set to compete for the national debate competition held in Kota Baru in Kelantan. #2 left for Kelantan last Saturday with her debate team and two teachers. There are sixteen competing schools in the national debate. Last I heard from her this morning, her school is in the semi-finals. The finals is taking place tomorrow morning if they win another round in the afternoon.

#2 returns home on Tuesday night and her team has to sit for 'belated exams' on Wednesday onwards. They will stay back at school up to the afternoon so that they can finish 4 papers a day. It's a stressful life to live but I am inspired by a quote that #2 put in her blog:

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count,

rather the life in those years.

- Abraham Lincoln

I will be back to packing bento's when things stabilize. Meanwhile happy bento-ing to all out there!

Latest update on debate results: #2's school debate team is in the finals scheduled for tomorrow morning!


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