Friday, September 26, 2008

Bento Competition

I submitted this entry for a competition organized by Bento Addiction. Her theme is "Back to school". I've taken this long to decide to submit an entry because I don't have the slightest idea how to make a "theme" bento!

I keep checking out Bento Addiction for new entries and so far has seen 4 entries posted up by her. She says that to make the competition valid, there should be at least 5 entries. What a waste of a Bento competition if it becomes invalid!

I decided to make the 5th entry regardless.

I had not the slightest idea what to do. I just rummaged my fridge and bento supplies and came up with this:

My bento is basically made up of the famous Onigiri faces of Bento world with their infamous 'eyes'!
These familiar friends are always a delight and surprise to see when one opens the Bento box.
They lay on top of some vegetables and roasted chopped peppers (left overs from the alphabet cut outs)
The bottom tier contains cut out shapes of zucchini, carrots and luncheon meats spread on a bed of left overs of the same (no wastage here either).
A short message: "School Rocks" on the cover of the Bento box serves as an inspiration of what is to come! Yeah!
I changed the cover of the Bento box to a transparent cover so that the message can be seen even when it is closed.

BENTO #139

I fried some scallops, "la la" shellfish and prawns with mushrooms and tomatoes for today's Bento box. To accompany all that was the final left over sprouts. I had made some Campbell soup for her to take in a flask but she declined it because she said that there was no time to eat due to the 'puasa' period, so she had it for breakfast. All classes are shortened and the teachers are trying to keep time. I suspect that she's using her recess time to stay in class to finish up homework!

There was takuan, an orange and a piece of Nougat for treat. #2 and I are big fans of Nougat - the hard ones! We don't mind the soft type but the hard ones are the ones we always look for. In one sitting, we can finish a whole box.

I know, I know, it's bad for the teeth and the diet! These temptations are hard to resist!


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