Monday, July 14, 2008

BENTO #103

#2 has finally *phew, sigh of relief* completed her 3 day stint at KL Convention Center playing a supporting cast in a local musical. She had a long weekend and this morning we attended a funeral. #2 anchored the keyboard for the funeral Mass at church. The grandfather of one of her team mates passed away and she felt strongly about being present to offer him support.

After that, she went back to school for a Choir meeting. I made her lunch bento and took the shot with a stalk of Sunflower from a bouquet that a 'fan' gave her on the 2nd night of the musical performance.

In the left box, I fried some tonkatsu and had some onigiri cylinders topped with black sesame seeds. There was a tub of tonkatsu sauce.

In the right box I had some braised vegetable roots (Gomoku-ni) consisting of burdock (gobo), carrots, daikon (raddish), lotus root, 1 block of konnyaku and shiitake mushrooms. Actually the recipe called for chicken but I chose to give it a miss. I blanched some broccoli and cauliflower in salted water and drizzled some Japanese Kewpie Mayo on it. Pickles is a definite must and I added some shiba zuke and finally to appease her sweet tooth, I put in two nimm2 soft centered citrus sweets.


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