Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today, I made Onigiri. Normally, I would cook fresh rice in the morning, but I was running late and decided to zap some left overs in the microwave oven and it worked! I used my regular furikake, mixed it into hot rice and shaped them.

I think there is some level of monosodium glutamate in furikake and if you are wary about buying the commercially packed ones, you can just use sesame seeds and bonito flakes and salt and it'll taste great with a tuna mayo filling in the middle.

I particularly like this furikake which is about the only one other than the salmon furikake which I buy. I've tried others but some tastes quite wierd and doesn't seem very palatable.

I want to thank all my blog readers especially the regular readers for coming back to visit even though I have not been able to respond to you. I am grateful for your patience. I miss surfing your blogs and when I do, I do so with lightning speed so it leaves me no time to leave you comments.

This year started off on 'Turbo drive' and it hasn't slowed down. I pray that you bear with me and enjoy my blog as I enjoy de-stressing by blogging.


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