Thursday, June 26, 2008

BENTO #89 & #90

Yesterday when I went to fetch #3 from school I asked if she finished her food. #3 said she finished the sardine croissant but not the cookies or bisccotti. "I ate half of the chocolate crayon, can I have the cookies for tea afterwards?" - said she. "Sure, I responded".

Then she added, "Mum, you know my friend Brenda?" (her best friend at school). "Ah ha" I responded while driving. "She says she loves my mummy best!" "Huh? What? Why?" I asked dumbfounded. She says you make the best-test food and she loves you best!

Wow! I was blown away by that statement! A kid I've never met making a statement like that. I hope her mother never hears it!

Last night I prepared tuna mayo. It has chopped yellow onions, gerkins, mayo, pepper and salt. I also cut up slices of bread into animal and flower shapes to bake. All I had to do this morning was to pack the tuna mayo into the Hello Kitty box and add the bread crisps. There is a little fork for use and a little tub of Meiji Chocolate for a treat.

I'm using the new single tier Bento box that my friend Felicity brought back from Singapore. There's a pink Oshibori to go too.

#2's box is made up of half a golden kiwi and a mango pudding. There are 3 pieces of animal face onigiri packed with tuna mayo on a bed of salad and two cherry tomatoes. Simple and easy this morning!


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