Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My favorite sights of Madrid

Mr SandMan, although #1 insists that it is a Mrs SandWoman!

Mr Goatie here earns money just looking colorful and clicking his lips!

A lovely string quartet! Kept us at the sidewalk entertained and trilled enough to drop some coins into the violin case!

Ghost busters needed here!

Every kids fantasy! Monstrous soap bubbles in display!

These guys were mesmerising, professional and top notch musicians!

Street surprises! Scared a few ladies in the process!

Colorful but non descriptive!

Most fun and entertaining! Live music and live dancing! So fun, it was hard to tear away!

My favorite quotes!

Sweet memories from London, Liverpool station!


Random post

When I was in Paris during the Easter holidays, even Bento boxes and accessories couldn't elude me! LOL!

It was temptation everywhere!!!

Bento 315

This box was from Monday when school re-opened. #3 has soy sauce braised pork and cut watermelon with some rice topped with pork floss. Simple hearty lunch.

This is 2's lunch box consisting of (clockwise) Ratatouille, a slice of baguette, fettuccine, some cut watermelon and beef stew. The Ratatouille was cooked by #2. It was a simple recipe from here and tasted good for a beginner.

Bento 314

Today is Wednesday again, so it's two boxes for #3 and her friend. They stay back for dance class at school and been friends for almost 'forever'!

#3 asked to pack rice for her friend and so there's some BBQ chicken, cut orange slices and plain white rice.

This is #3's box! Some sliced oranges, chocolate coated biscuits and BBQ chicken rolled in store bought tortilla. Tortilla is a recent introduction to #3 and she's taken to it well so now there's something new in her "menu".

This is #2's box. There's chili con carne wrapped in tortilla. There's some more chocolate coated biscuits and cut kiwi.

This recipe of chili con carne was from a M&S easy cookbook which #1 bought for me from her last trip back. #2 is learning to cook and picked the chili con carne, which turned out quite good actually. It was simple and she needed very little supervision, just follow the recipe!


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