Thursday, October 11, 2007

BEC Rosary night @ home

No Bento today! #2 is officially on holiday for the next ten days. #1 has her last exam paper today and doesn't have the time nor appetite to eat.

I'm hosting Rosary at my house tonight. Twice a year my BEC has a special devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus Christ by recitation of the Rosary at our BEC member homes.

It's a time for prayers and great fellowship. It happens four days a week for the whole months of May and October.

The Rosary nights are something the children look forward to and you can find the young ones awaiting designation of their portion of 'duty' (their turn to say part of the Rosary). Even small kids as young as 3-4 years old look forward to their 'duty' during these periods. It's also a time for bonding for these kids. My children's best friends whom they grew up with are from our BEC.

Tonight is a special night because my God- daughter (adult) and her family are back on holidays from USA and came tonight especially to spend this time with us.

Incidentally, her son is also my God-son (5 years old) and another one of my God-son (10 months old) from another family also came and so did one more God-daughter (adult).

Hubs and I are God-parents to many and tonight 4 God-children are at my house! I'm very happy and feel so blessed to see not only my good friends but also some of my God-children, especially the ones from USA whom I've not seen for the past year.

They are also fans of my Japanese cooking so I made their favorite sushi. I also introduced Oden and Udon noodles to them and they absolutely loved it!! It was everyone's favorite!

I made Ichigo Daifuku for dessert. It was also a hit. Initially everyone was wary because of it's size but after convincing them to try, they also 'ta pau' home!

I also made the little kids favorite macaroni and cheese. Froze some for my kids Bento.
It's been a long night but an enjoyable one.

I thank God for the wonderful people who has brought so much happiness into my life!


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