Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is another slide show on my favorite Japanese rolled omelet called Tamagoyaki.

I hope you don't feel intimidated by this recipe because it is very easy. Remember no pain no gain!

The recipe:

90ml Dashi
4 eggs
2 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp sake
1 tsp mirin
pinch of salt

Gently mix all the eggs and the above ingredients together. Do not whisk.
Soak a small piece of cloth or kitchen towel with oil and wipe the tamagoyaki rectangle pan.
Set fire on medium and scoop enough of the egg mixture to have a thin layer of egg cover the pan.
For the rest of the method, please view the slide show. It will show you more than I can explain in words.


Click to play Tamagoyaki
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The Bento Pet's Bento competition

has emerged a WINNER in Kel @ Kel's place!!

Wow! I'm awed because in the last couple of days, Kel led the race and quite clearly was going for first place!

Personally, I loved all the shortlisted Bento's, that including Kel's cold soba bento she made for her daughter. It looked simple but I'm sure it was delicious!


You are Number One!! I'm sure your little girl will enjoy her Bento's more with the winner's prize haul! There's even a pack of Japanese candies in it!

Someone commented that the winner's prize haul was more for a girl than a boy and so it is and probably meant to be for your little girl!!!

This is on the way to you (once I get your details, so please e-mail me your address).

I think the winner Bento proves one thing. There are lots of mum's out there who are packing Bento's for their kids! It's a kid's bento that won number one! Trailing behind very close was Christene @ allthingspurple, another kid bento packer.

I'm just glad that everyone was very sporting about entering and enjoyed meeting new Bento packers on cyberspace.

Let's all continue to support each other by dropping a line or two in our quest to continue packing regular bento's for regular people!!

Thank you very much for making this competition exciting and fun for all!!

(Edit) Read Kelly's response here!

My new Bento box

I read Emily's post on her new purchase, I was trilled! I rushed off to Jusco @ 1U and hunted high and low to no avail. Boo hoo hoo! It just wasn't meant to be.

I couldn't do without it. It's a Bento blogger's addiction to MUST have it!! When I got home, I e-mailed Emily and asked if she would help me buy it. She responded immediately and in no time she got this for me!

The wonderful thing about this bento is that it came with an insulated bag.

Isn't it just lovely. I love the baby blue color and surprisingly, I don't own one with this color.

It has two containers. The metal container has a divider and is 350ml in size. The smaller plastic container is 200ml in size and both has it's own plastic cover. The plastic container sits on top of the metal container and is Microwaveable without the plastic lid.

This is how it looks completely covered with a bento strap.

Top view!

I was so tempted to buy some other bento's which I saw in 1U and I'm just too happy that I didn't because I simply love this new bento box! Thank you very much Emily!!! I owe you one!


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