Monday, March 8, 2010

Bento 274

This morning's bento was free and easy. Classes begin for #2 in the midmorning. It's a busy day today ending with a private function of song and dance.

Over the weekend I managed to make another batch of Oden. This time with different ingredients which included lotus root, noodle type Konnyaku, different variety of fishcake etc. My husband and my two elder girls love this evergreen dish. #1 calls it the "brown soup". *shakes head*

There was an orange in one box and chives in another.

Bento 273

This was last Friday's dinner bento for #1.

Basic spaghetti with a tomato base sauce with a mix of Ricotta, Parmesan cheeses with chopped onions and mushrooms. #1 kept complimenting the sauce in between mouth fulls.

A box of mixed vegetables, steamed and tossed together with sesame seed dressing. #1 said, "mum, please don't give me sesame seed dressing ever again!" Okay, she finished the box of vegetables but strictly no sesame seed dressing again. *sigh*

One man's meat is another man's poison.


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