Monday, July 7, 2008


My #2 has rehearsals at ungodly hours for a musical which she's involved with. The musical begins this Friday (11th) and runs up to Sunday (13th).

Only yesterday I realized that I had signed a letter addressed to her school headmistress to excuse her for ONE WHOLE WEEK! Oops! I didn't read what I signed, but...even if I had read it, I wouldn't have a choice because there's no other option. *sigh*

So people, no Bento for one week!! Aiyah! Cannot lah! *thinks of what to do*.

I'll just have to eat the Bento myself. Yeah! I'll treat myself to my Bentos! How about that? I think it's a great idea. Hehehe!

I didn't have to rush to make my Bento so I took my time and tried to make some 'designer' sausages. The first one on the left is supposed to be a bird. Next to it are little lambs "baaa baaa baaa!" There is Mr. Octopus with a hat and the last one is supposed to be a rabbit? I had fun cutting them into shape and it was easy!

I lined the box with carrot flowers, packed some cucumbers and squeezed in a cup of corn kernels topped with cheddar cheese. Actually, I cut the corn kernels off the cob because the fibers from the cob sometimes get between the teeth and can be quite irritating.

I fried some asparagus spears wrapped with bacon and the balance left over strawberries dipped in delicious chocolate. I cut up the left over carrot bits to create a 'fountain' effect in the cup of asparagus spears to rid the dull brown colors.

After taking the photos, I sat down to eat and found that it was really 'too much food' like what #2 is always telling me. Seriously, while posting this, I am still struggling to finish my strawberries and corn. I am so FULL!!

This Bento box is certainly too big and the wrong size! It's capacity is 580ml and according to this, I should be using a 700ml box. No way! I'm sure #2 won't even have enough time during recess to eat this. Well, this is a good experience for me because if I didn't have to eat from this Bento, I would always be worried that my kids don't have enough to eat. Another day, another lesson!

By the way, the strawberries dipped in chocolate was divine!!


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