Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Charaben tutorial

I'm working on backing up my pictures into a new ex-hard drive which hubs bought. In his own words "backup before your computer crashes". I've got thousands and thousands of photo shots in my iphoto folder and that's caused my Mac to crank like a century old computer.

All this backing up business has taken up a lot of time and sitting in front of the computer is what I love best because I get to browse and search new sites.

Imagine my surprise stumbling onto Pigeon Info. I used to buy lots of baby stuff from Pigeon when my girls were babies. I loved their bottles, teats, training cups etc.

made by Mari Miyazawa

made by Mari Miyazawa

Now they even have Charaben tutorials for Bento. I used Google translate to translate the Japanese site to English. The translation sometimes doesn't make sense so you need to figure it out yourself. Better in poor English than in Japanese.

Pigeon Info even has a section for "Lunch Drawing", these are plating of lunch meals in Charaben too. They look simple to make since it's all detailed with a list of ingredients, step by step pictorial instructions, tools and tips.

made by Mari Miyazawa

If you want maternity recipes for pregnancy, they also have it here. There's speed recipes for kids which looks simple and interesting too. Pigeon Info is a real goldmine of a find for mums with young kids and Bento enthusiasts who want to try Charaben.

All bentos posted at Pigeon Info are made and created by Mari Miyazawa the creator of

Have fun browsing!

Note: I have no affiliations with any of the mentioned names above.


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