Saturday, July 12, 2008

BENTO #102

Yesterday was an insane day because I had to run un-imaginable number of trips to settle outstanding errands. I'm making up this Bento for yesterday because my next run begins in the afternoon and I need lunch.

Remember? Hubs is still in Aussieland with #1. #2 is downtown @ KLCC for her second day performance and "Miss Picky eater" and I don't share the same menu! So, Bento, I must!

I made a 'sushi sandwich' today. I buttered a slice of bread, put some tomatoes, some salad, asparagus (the last lot) and a squeeze of Sweedish Creme Salmon (from Ikea - looks like toothpaste). I topped a piece of Nori with a slice of cheese and smothered it with Mille wholegrain mustard. Then I rolled it in the plastic cling wrap and sliced it into half.

Today's Bento has some rice topped with black sesame seeds, two pieces of Gyoza, my absolute favorite Gobo Kimpira (last lot *sniff, sniff*) and the balance of some blanched Asparagus spears .

In the front box, I filled the hard triangle plastic container with Natto, the two halved sandwiches and a Hello Kitty hard boiled egg - was trying out my new mold bought on-line from New Stylish Tokyo.

Look at the frozen Natto before it thawed. Mmmm.....DELICIOUS!!

Now, let me tell you how my lunch tasted. I had a bite of the sandwich first. Not a good idea to add the salad. The first bite resulted in drawing out all the salad. It left my sandwich with a hollow in the center. *Note to myself - pack this without salads* The taste was good though except with the little struggle of the salad.

Next, I had a piece of Gyoza, this is a sure win because I've kinda perfected the recipe and it was delicious. The rice was eaten with the natto and Gobo kimpira and was the most satisfying mouth full from the entire meal.

Honestly speaking, I didn't eat the Hello Kitty hard boiled egg. I was too stuffed up and even the 'cuteness' of the egg couldn't tempt me. *Burps!* Excuse me! *Burps again* What a wonderful meal!

I don't know why but I feel so satisfied and happy after I have my Bento. I'm sure that it's not because "I" made it. It's more like the excitement and anticipation of the flavour that I experience with each bite of the 'unexpected?'. This is amazing and addictive.

Looks like it's going to be two Bento's a day from next week onwards! Yippee!!!


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