Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bento Party Part 4 - Last lot of pictures

This is the last lot of the pictures from the Bento Party! Have fun!

The lovely Terri introducing herself at the Bento Party!

Food and friendship, as a result of the Bento Party - so typically Malaysian!

The demure SueSue going through the introductions.

My high light of the day! KAWAII cup cakes by Su Yin!

Photo shopped this picture to improve it's color! Yikes! Actually looks worse!

I think this is Star gal's friend Mona with her Bento entry for the competition.

Su Yin displaying the cup cakes!

SueSue from Cooking Momster brought her friend Ms. Tan for the Bento Party.

Amy listening intently to the Bento "How to's"!

Intent crowd!

I think this is Lindsay!

"Moi" describing the food for the day and it's portions for the Bento competition.

May, introducing herself at the Bento Party!

A group photo with Ms. Tan, SueSue, Pat of Bento Pet and Jessie of Hijack Queen.

"What did we get ourselves into?" *Gasp!*

The lovely Jasmine, during introduction time.

Also Star Gal's friend, Kai San with her Bento entry!

Aiyah! Where is my camera?

A light moment with the effervescent Wendy a.k.a. Biblo!

Sake any body?

Busy, busy packing for the Bento competition.

This is also Emily - Wong!

And our Emily Chiam reminding us to RECYCLE!!!! Not only use Bento boxes and wash them, also bring your own bags and say NO to plastic bags!!!

I hope you enjoyed all the 4 parts of the Bento Party updates! Cheers!!

BENTO #129

This morning, I had to send #2 to school because #1's first class at college begins at 9a.m. and I have to send her. She doesn't like to drive to college when classes begin later than 8a.m. because it is near impossible to find a car park and she'd be all worked up worrying about getting into her lectures late. So, mummy comes to the rescue and is chauffeur in times like these.

This morning's bento has a bed of salad sprouts and re-fried chicken bits in potato flour (leftovers I kept from last night's dinner) mixed in kewpie mayo. Some strawberries for fruit.

In the right bento box are some sliced yellow courgette and sauteed sprouts with straw mushrooms, carrots, garlic and oyster sauce. Quite a substantial meal for break time.

#2 has actually stayed away from rice for the last two days! Even at dinner, she avoids it!


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