Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday, I browsed Pikkopots post on her 330th post on Goldilocks and the Three bears Bento. She's challenged bento packers to pledge a change, I quote - "Simply post a comment here with a pledge to replace one of the plastic items you use". You stand a chance to win a similar box which she used in her same post.

I left a comment on her blog and made a pledge,
to add at least one non-plastic bento box before my 200th bento post!

I rummaged my store and found this shinning baby which has been sitting on the shelf for years waiting to be discovered! Finally thanks to Pikkopots and Life Without Plastic it will soon be filled with bento styled food.

This is a 700 ml box.

I was surprised when I saw the insert. It measured 200 ml. I thought that the box was empty! What a pleasant surprise.

It's only during the holidays that I have a chance to enjoy my garden. I saw this bloom and wanted to share it with you. I bought this plant at a Church jumble sale.

Another 3 blooms!

Isn't this just lovely?

#2 and I are making Ravioli from her "Recipe Keeper". Look out for my next post on Ravioli!


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