Monday, June 30, 2008

BENTO #93 & #94

Last weekend has been back to back with activities. Good thing I planned ahead to purchase strawberries from the Curve. They bring them in from Cameron Highlands and it's cheap. RM11 for three boxes. Only thing is you need to make sure not all the boxes are ripe and ready to eat unless you can finish them in a day or two. I usually tell the stall owner to select some not so ripe ones so that they can keep the week.

#3 was busy going out with Grandma. I didn't have time to discuss her menu with her. What I did was order two sourdough bread from Wilson. He freshly baked them and when I went to collect them I was surprised that he had fashioned one 'plait' style. #3 was with me then, she gave a squeal of surprise and was happy beyond words. In the car, she asked if she could pinch a piece to try. She finished half the plait loaf!

She was very upset this morning to find that #2 and mum had finished the balance half while she was away gallivanting with Grandma. Oopps! I had to spend the morning cajoling her into a better mood.

Finally, we discussed on the spot the contents of her box. It was going to be Sourdough bread and the last balance of tuna. She asked if she could have the 'Mr. Potato crisps' that Grandma bought for her. I had to try maintain her improved mood this morning and I had to respond positively, so I said yes.

#3 was gleaming and was happily helping me to set the Bento boxes for photography. Hmmm...the things we mothers have to undergo with young children. Gosh! I'm just glad she's growing up real fast. Jewel as she is, some mornings she can be a pain for all the wrong reasons!

#3 doesn't eat vegetables or fruits other than apples. In fact she doesn't eat most foods. There is a slight improvement lately but it's still a long and tedious journey. She does like McDonalds fried chicken, fries and junk foods. Personally I don't encourage my kids to patronize the fast food outlets but occasionally, we find ourselves there because of convenience. *sigh*

#2 has a box of fruits galore this morning. I filled the right lower box with some salad leaves, lined them with orange slices and topped with lovely strawberries and longan (all peeled, where can one get so good service?).

In the left upper box, I fried some cocktail sausages and skewered them with the balance salad leaves. This is a treat because we've not had sausages for a long while. Read here to know why.

I added the the last two slices of Brandy laden fruit cake and a heart shaped hard boiled egg. She didn't want Shoyu so there is no sauce bottle.

There is an Oshibori box which I think they both can't do without now. I don't hear any complaints or whining and that's a good sign!

p/s I managed to purchase another few Oshibori boxes from the Curve when I was there.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

How to select the right size Bento box

I picked this chart from :
This chart recommends the Bento box size to use for age group and height.

Biggie has a detailed, translated version but lately I've not been able to access her site. Another good reference for choosing the right Bento box is from Just Bento. The pink chart on the left is for female and the blue one on the right is for male.
  • The first column is the age group.
  • Second column is the height.
  • Third column is calories/meal.
  • The last column on the right is the recommended size box to use.
If you look under your Bento box, you will be able to see the capacity of the Bento box.
I remember reading somewhere that if your activity level and height exceeds the recommended size Bento box, you should add on 100ml capacity to what is recommended.
The same vise-versa.

It's something you just adjust to suit your personal need. There's no hard and fast rule.
If one is dieting, obviously pick a smaller box. I realized that my third daughter doesn't finish the two layer Bento box that I pack for her.

When I questioned her, she says
that there is not enough time during recess. Being a mother, I'm all the time concerned that she's not got enough food to eat.

Looking at her age - 9 years old and her height at 139.7cm, she should be taking a 600ml Bento box.
There's no way she can finish so much food - we're talking about packed capacity here, not loosely packed food. Knowing that she should have a 600ml box is one thing, the reality of it is she won't be able to finish the food. So, I just have to follow my gut feeling and go with the flow.

My second daughter is 16 years old and her height is 168cm. According to the chart above she is 11cm taller than stated and rightly should add another 100ml to the recommended 700ml box, which makes it to an 800ml box.

However, #2's a weight watcher and there's no way she'll eat so mu
ch. She's already on a permanent fruit and vegetable diet.

The boxes that I pack for her range from 500ml-600ml.

An example below would be the 330 ml for the upper box and 250ml
for the lower box which makes a total of 580ml.

This one below also has two layers. The upper large box capacity is 320ml and the smaller box at the bottom is 180ml which makes a total of 500ml.

I usually use similar size boxes for her Bento. She's cool with it and most days finish what's inside if she's not rushing from one thing to another. I have larger capacity boxes but that's only used if I pack sushi for her.

Friday, June 27, 2008

BENTO #91 & #92

Yesterday afternoon when I brought #2 home, I asked her what she wanted to pack for her Bento on Friday (today). She said "I'll discuss with you later mum. Let me come back from my Chinese Oratory class first". "Huuuhhh? What if we forget and then what are you going to eat?" She gestures with her hand as if to calm me. "Wait till tonight first okay."

So mum just gets into this 'chilling mode'. Late last night when I was planning Friday's menu, #3 comes to me and says this "Mum, tomorrow, just give me croissant only lah." "What croissant? I don't have any croissants left" - I responded. OOoooops! #3 plucker's her lips in surprise. I wanted to rebuttal her about deciding so late but I responded "So how?".

She said simply, just give me biscuits will do. I didn't have the heart to revert to biscuits so I scanned around and rummaged the fridge. I found a packet of Soudough bread and Nutella. Before this, #3's tried Nutella but didn't like it. I told her about the Soudough bread - this is hand made by Wilson from my favorite tea time haunt. #3 likes Wilson because he's young, patient and very friendly with her. "Oohhhh! Wilson 'ko-ko' (a respectful greeting towards an elder young male) baked the Soudough bread. I like, okay I want".

"What so you want to eat it with?" She shrugs her shoulders and smiles at me. "What about Nutella?" I ask her. She looks at me and said "Can I try?" I spread some Nutella on a slice of the Soudough bread and she took a bite..... mmmmm....okay, taste nice, can I have some more for supper, I'm hungry". Bingo!!! Another food item added to her consumption menu!

#3's box is very simple and I can hardly call it a Bento other than the Box that she's asked to use. *shakes head from side to side*.

It's simply Sourdough bread with Nutella and another slice with tuna mayo from yesterday. I wanted to give her a variety and assure myself that she won't go hungry. She asked for her favorite fruits - apples, which I cut into huge tulips and 'apples'. LOL!!

#2's box is a real treat today. I boiled one potato and made potato salad last night. I am sure she will love this. So, in the bottom box I had potato salad, another Kiwi and two pieces of Brandy laden fruit cake. #2 told me that she shared a piece of fruit cake with a friend the last time and she's been raving about it - probably because of the Brandy, I quipped.

In the top box, I skewered halved tomatoes and crabstick rolled in grated cheddar cheese and wrapped in a salad leaf. Added another slice of fruit cake for #2 to share.

I have a busy week ahead. Here's wishing all of you an enjoyable weekend. Cheers!!

I'm having a time of my life with the silicon cups!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

BENTO #89 & #90

Yesterday when I went to fetch #3 from school I asked if she finished her food. #3 said she finished the sardine croissant but not the cookies or bisccotti. "I ate half of the chocolate crayon, can I have the cookies for tea afterwards?" - said she. "Sure, I responded".

Then she added, "Mum, you know my friend Brenda?" (her best friend at school). "Ah ha" I responded while driving. "She says she loves my mummy best!" "Huh? What? Why?" I asked dumbfounded. She says you make the best-test food and she loves you best!

Wow! I was blown away by that statement! A kid I've never met making a statement like that. I hope her mother never hears it!

Last night I prepared tuna mayo. It has chopped yellow onions, gerkins, mayo, pepper and salt. I also cut up slices of bread into animal and flower shapes to bake. All I had to do this morning was to pack the tuna mayo into the Hello Kitty box and add the bread crisps. There is a little fork for use and a little tub of Meiji Chocolate for a treat.

I'm using the new single tier Bento box that my friend Felicity brought back from Singapore. There's a pink Oshibori to go too.

#2's box is made up of half a golden kiwi and a mango pudding. There are 3 pieces of animal face onigiri packed with tuna mayo on a bed of salad and two cherry tomatoes. Simple and easy this morning!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Eye Candy

For me, Christmas has certainly arrived early! I feel like a 6 year old in Santa's toy factory! I've been Bento-ing for almost one whole year. During this journey, I've scourged many shopping outlets for Bento accessories and had to make do with the miserable few and far in between things being sold in non-Bento speciality shops (not that PJ or KL has one anyway).

The 100 Yen store was the best (of the worst) store which had limited collection and because I was kind of a local pioneer, I managed to build up quite a collection of Bento boxes from them. Often I would sweep across the store and manage to buy 8-10 Bento boxes plus it's limited accessories. But after a while, they ran out of stock too.

It's frustrating for Bento enthusiasts like me. I thank God for good friends who travel and bother to entertain my passion for Bento. Most of my Bento accessories was brought back from Japan by my friend Alice.

Since then, I've been surfing the internet and found lots of things that I like but didn't want to pay a ridiculous price for. I've had one bad encounter with an e-bay seller (now defunct) who conned me and I wasn't too keen to put my money where I already had a bad experience.

Often, I was tempted to purchase the Wilton silicon cups - something like RM55 for half dozen or something and that too you only get them in one size and shape. Wilton has two or three shapes I think.

One of the things I appreciate of my late Dad is, he forcibly taught me to be PATIENT. It's not my best virtue but "I can wait". That's what I did and today, my friend
Felicity who travels Singapore quite often brought these back for me!! I am so excited, she bought 30 items from Daiso at 2 Singapore dollars each. I almost died of elation!

New Bento and Onigiri boxes - my dream come true!
I had seen the Onigiri boxes selling for RM39.90 and I refused to buy them.
Felicity bought
them at 2 Sing each!

A pink furoshiki, Onigiri molds and tiny condiment boxes and another pink Onigiri box. *swoons*.

Silicon cups in all shapes, sizes and colors. SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!
*Thank you! Thank you!*

New age Bento straps? Kung-Fu Panda - I think #3 will be trilled!! Cute chicky faces and matching pink balloon straps for the single tier balloon Bento box.

Sauce bottles, furikake shakers, mayo boxes. *I'm going crazeeeeee with happiness*

My dream food picks! *God is good!*

*I'm currently floating on 7th Heaven, walking on clouds and dreaming dreams*

Hugs to everyone. Thank you friends!


I have to go to school to collect #2's report card this morning. It's 'open day'. #2 knows I have a busy schedule and has been reminding me the whole of last week.

Last night, she reminded me again and added "No Bento tomorrow mum". "Ah! Okay!", I responded.

I already planned to make tuna mayo and croissant for #3 but this morning realized that I ran out of tuna. I substituted with sardines instead. She had sampled sardines twice and it was 'okay' with her. I just hope it'll be okay when she eats her croissant later this morning.

For insurance, I put in some Chipsmore chocolate chip cookies, some Almond and orange bisccotti and a stick of chocolate crayon as a treat.

Everything looks too Blue and Brown this morning.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good News or what?

I read My Lovely 'A' blog about her recent fruitless visit to the 100 Yen store. I just got back from the SS2 outlet and sure enough there is hardly anything for Bento enthusiasts like us. The Bentos left on the shelf are really OLD STOCK and there are only 2 or 3 pieces left.

I visit the SS2 branch almost weekly and the last time I was there I saw 3 packs of 'onigiri face molds' and they were all gone today. I guess I am able to get the stuff I want because I am very regular. I used to visit the Puchong branch once a month until the petrol price went up and I've decided that once in two months is good enough.

Anyway, after this morning's visit to the 100 Yen store I called one of their managers whom I had encountered before, about the status of their miserly Bento stock. He admitted that they had not been focusing on Bento because there was a lack of interest and sales turnover in that area was pretty slow.

We had a long chat and he assured me that he'd look into sourcing for Bento accessories again. He also mentioned that they've recently cleared some containers of new stock which will be hitting their 100 Yen stores soon. But, he also mentioned that there is minimal Bento stuff.

The other news that he shared with me is that they are opening another new outlet in Uptown, Damansara Utama. For those of you who work around there, you can visit the new 100 Yen store after mid July 2008. It is opposite to Uptown towers 2.

I don't know about you, but I'm sure to check out the place, with all the new stock coming and all, who can resist??

Disclaimer: Please be informed that I have no affiliations with the 100Yen shop other than being a regular paying customer. All opinions are mine personally and does not serve to be or claim to be an authority of any sort. I receive no monetory rewards or discounts from 100Yen shop (other than commercially available discounts for all customers) or any other companies or persons mentioned in this article.

BENTO #86 & # 87

Posting early this morning because #1 is driving the two sisters to school. She's got an early class so that saves me a trip.

#2 stays back till 3.00p.m. for Choir practice and so has two Bentos today. Hers is packed with Futomaki because she insisted for more. The blue break-time Bento contains her favorite Futomaki and two pieces of Gyoza from yesterday's dinner. There is some Gyoza dip in the 'car shoyu bottle'.

In the mustard colored two tier Bento, there is more Futomaki, another cheese tart from The Loaf, some Longan and three chocolate sticks. This time, I didn't forget the Oshibori. I wish I had more co-ordinated Bento sets and accessories but unfortunately they are too scarce to source locally and far too expensive to purchase over e-bay. Personally, I don't believe in splurging on expensive postage.

I think I'm doing pretty well with #3's daily Bento. She looks forward to it and is excited to help pack her food and even attempted to take this photo which I think is pretty good.

I'm really happy that she's bringing decent food to school to eat. It is just that mummy has to work a lot harder and put on many 'thinking caps' for menu ideas!!

#3's Bento is Futomaki laden with Japanese Kewpie Mayo and Sakura Denbu. She doesn't like it any other way. Whenever we lunch at any Japanese Restaurants, she would order 5 hand rolls with her specifications. Yeah! She knows what she wants, and it'll cost something like RM8 each! Same price as a California roll and far more expensive than my set lunch!! I try to avoid Japanese lunches when I'm out with her. Not worth it at all!

I added some chocolate sticks for just in case. #3 accessorized her Bento with the Bento strap, chopsticks and Oshibori.

I quipped - "Hey, you know how to use the chopsticks?" #3 replied - "Hehehe, just to make the picture look nice mah!" That's a 9 year old for you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

BENTO #83 & #84

I've been on an 'overdrive' mode over the weekend. Saturday night, we hosted a farewell party in our home for some of our senior youth members who are leaving for further studies overseas. Thank God it was pot luck and cooking was minimal for me.

Sunday morning, #2 had a Confirmands coffee morning at church. This 'food fest' was to raise money to fund their Confirmation camp leading to their sacrament of Confirmation next year. It's not so much for the monies raised but for the activity which brings the children to work together with their parents and with each other for the common purpose of the common faith.

I would have just sold sushi as I most often do for these fund raisers but with the recent increase in prices of Japanese ingredients, it was impossible make a decent margin from the effort.

I asked my mum if she'd help me make "Emperor noodles" (Wong Tai Meen - read in Cantonese) in Chicken soup for the coffee morning fund raiser.

A little insight on my mum - My late father says this of her "Give your mother anything "including a blob of sh*t" *joke* and she'd turn it into a gourmet dish"! My mum is an amazing cook and a terribly fussy one too.

She insisted on buying the chickens on Saturday morning itself and cooked and boiled the soup the whole day in preparation of the coffee morning on Sunday! Everything was FRESH and immensely delicious, as usual.

People kept coming back for seconds and 100 bowls were sold out on Sunday morning! It was exhausting and #2 quipped that 'hawkering' seemed like fun. At the end of the morning #2 added that perhaps studying for a Degree would better suffice!!! LOL!!!

After an exhausting morning and afternoon practice at Church, #2 had to go to Pudu for dance practice. On the way down, she said that she missed the bread from "The Loaf" owned by our former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir, which opened their first outlet in Langkawi and now at the Pavilion.

Hubs dropped #2 off to Pudu and zoomed off to Pavilion. So, we had tea at The Loaf and spent RM93 bucks on bread and cheese tarts!! Okay, I was a little greedy and I got carried away with all the nice looking pastries.

Hubs sat himself at a corner seat facing the main road overlooking a busy road. I ordered two cappuccinos and some pastries. First order RM49.

Then #1 calls hubs and asks him our whereabouts (she was out for an event with some friends and just got home). Hubs finishes his conversation with her and turns to me, asking me to 'ta pau' (take away) some 'plain' buns. Second order RM19.

Then I remembered that they had Cheese tarts, which incidentally I forgot to try the last time we were here. I went and 'ta pau' some. The girl behind the counter greeted me and told me the cheese tarts promo was buy 5 get 1 free. Being Malaysian and prone to greed I took up the promo. That cost me RM25.

Honestly, we enjoyed the cheese tarts and the pastries. It was delicious and it was worth every cent. Hubs teased #2 that she missed watching Dr. Mahathir tossing dough in the kitchen of The Loaf!!

Her reaction was classic - Yeah man! Dad!! *a little unsure* - looks in my direction - Huh!! You bluff me Dad!! As if Dr. Mahathir WUZ there!!! We all laugh and she had a great time munching her breads in the back of the car.

Monday morning today! Woke up tired and dazed. Never mind, I already did my Bento homework last night.

#3 was going to have left over butter cake with butter icing from the party and the last 3 chocolate chip cookies. I packed an apple in the top box. The apple slices were soaked in salt water - #3 reminded me so that the apples won't turn brown.

#2's box had a cheese tart and a pumpkin seed bread from The Loaf. I blanched some broccoli and cut carrots and packed them into a silicon cup.

The blue tub contains frozen lychee in syrup. This is to keep the contents cool so that the cheese tart won't go bad. You notice that I put a silver foil cup under the blue tub to contain the liquids from the condensation as the contents defrost. I didn't want the bread to get soggy.

Both bento ready to go. After I sent them to school, I realized that I forgot their Oshibori! Blame it on Monday morning blues!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Plastic Bento boxes

If you look at my chatter box, you will notice a query that NEE has posted:
21 Jun 08, 12:31
NEE: Hi Bento great reading your posts. i love all the cute bento boxes. I have one by thermos for my hub and it has three little containers stack up on one another and it will keep warm.
21 Jun 08, 12:32
NEE: my constant worry is whether those containers are good for eat from. you have any idea?

I'd like to link you to the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy (USA)/Food and Health website for some references and information. Look at the topic
Healthier Food Uses of Plastic and download the PDF article on Smart Plastics Guide. In there you will find information of the different types of plastics used for different products and purposes. There are also recommended safe plastics and explanation of plastic labels.

I have several of those 'keep hot' bento flasks from Thermos and Tiger - both made in Japan. Come to think of it, I've never questioned their plastic composition. I guess it's because they have such a long standing reputation in the market.

In one of my previous post on Bento shopping @ the 100Yen shop, I wrote about buying Bento boxes made in China from the 100 Yen shop and how I had called one of their managers to check on the plastic material used to make the Bento boxes.

From my conversation with them and the documents I was provided with, I found that the Bento boxes from Japan and China which they carry are made of PP: Polypropylene which according to IATP/Food and Health reports is safe to use for food products.

Read this article about lead in lunch boxes by Simple Steps. There are steps which can be taken like buying a lead test kit to make a swab test. I read somewhere that the swab test basically tells you if there is lead in the plastic but not the content level.

To be honest I have asked myself the same plastic composition safety questions many times. I am no expert but I read a lot about lead in plastics, chemicals in plastics that can contaminate the food and plastic/ containers that are wrongly used for microwave purposes etc.

It's scary to imagine that I may be giving my kids a dose of 'poison' daily in the process of a loving sacrifice in preparing all the lovely and delicious food for my kids. I've tried to do some research and made calls to some of these suppliers of Bento boxes which I have purchased. I've come to a satisfactory conclusion that I am contented with my findings and pray for the best.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that I have no affiliations with the 100Yen shop other than being a regular paying customer. All opinions are mine personally and does not serve to be or claim to be an authority of any sort. I receive no monetory rewards or discounts from 100Yen shop (other than commercially available discounts for all customers) or any other companies or persons mentioned in this article.

Friday, June 20, 2008

BENTO #81 & #82

Bento for #2 was free and easy this morning. I marinated the salmon last night and fried it this morning. There was some Kewpie Mayo in the little Hello Kitty tub and a wedge of black pepper Laughing Cow cheese in the same box.

In the other box was some blanched broccoli, butterfly cut carrots and a mix of peanuts and golden raisins.

#2's Bento and Oshibori ready to go.

This challenge to pack #3's Bento box is quite encouraging. This morning, I quickly spread some pizza sauce on a ready made pizza base and topped it with lots of cheeses. Put half a piece into the toaster and when ready, I cut it into eight slices. I packed six and #3 ate two slices for breakfast. She was very happy with her pizza!!

I packed some biscuits and roasted almonds in the other box and gave her some golden raisins.

The box of biscuits, almonds and raisins came back un-touched! #3 said that she didn't like them and anyway the pizza was enough food for break time. Oh! I took the liberty to finish them up - I thought they were delicious!

See #3's Bento and Oshibori all ready to go with it's fancy strap.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

BENTO #79 & #80

I was thinking aloud last night about packing #3's Bento box. Being an extremely picky eater, I couldn't think of anything other than her favorite tuna sandwiches and Oreo biscuits. How does one survive only on such limited food???

Oh! And #3 likes her food hot and literally pukes when served cold food. Biscuits, sandwiches and sorts are okay but otherwise, her stomach just convulses and the food cannot or refused to be consumed.

#2 suggested that I spread the soft 'President herb cheese' on her sandwich. "Huh?? When did she learn to eat that, I asked". Apparently the two of them had tea together yesterday and #3 tasted the sister's cheese sandwich and enjoyed it. #3 even chipped in and agreed that I should pack the herb cheese sandwich for her. Viola!! Another item added to her consumption list! LOL!!!

You can see below, the blue dog oshibori box and #3's simple Bento. President Herb cheese sandwiches cut into tulips and elephant shape and her favorite peanuts. You can't see the elephant shape because I was in a hurry and didn't have time to place the items properly. There is even a sandwich cut into a shape of an apple (hidden).

Salad days are back! Yesterday, #2 specifically asked for vegetables. Nothing heavy okay mum? I finish at 2.00p.m. after a quick Choir run-through and I'll be back for lunch. Okie dokie...instructions taken, so it's just Asparagus spears, plum cherry tomatoes with baby corns. Lots of hard veggies and crabsticks with a little tub of salad cream in this traditional looking Bento box.

In the bottom box, I put in two pieces of fruit cake (laden with lots of Brandy) and some home made chocolate chip cookies.

Before I could grab a strap for the Bentos. #2 took hold of this white fluffy one and declared that she wanted it for her box. Sure thing, there are lots to choose from so no need to fight.

I used the matching clickety click Bento strap for the matching box for #3.

All at peace and off we went to school!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BENTO #77 & #78

Choir practice is off till Thursday, so #2 comes home for lunch. I packed some Penne pasta tossed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and garlic, boxed some tomato based sauce loaded with fresh button mushrooms and sausages.

I hate adding sausages to my kids meals! Terri, a fellow blogger used to drop comments in my comment box whenever she read my posts on wieners/sausages/franks, about the dangers of Sodium Nitrite - a preservative carcinogen.
Read here!

I'd cringe at buying them after much 'brain washing' from her comments and articles. My kids love sausages and it's difficult to get fresh ones without sodium nitrite and I've been avoiding them for a long, long time. Recently, my favorite 'tea time haunt cafe owner' offered me some sausages to try. It was delicious. Apparently made with more meat, less flour and no preservatives.

I bought some from him and used them in this recipe. I'm sure #2 will love it because sausages has been sorely missed in this household! Thanks to Terri! Seriously! I'm sold to the idea of healthy eating that's why I work hard at cooking wholesome meals for my family.

Lately, #3 has been asking if she too could bring a Bento box to school instead of her regular boring box.

I was happy to oblige and explained that if I had to pack only cookies then there was no use for Bento boxes. I made tuna sandwiches and used some large cookie cutters to cut 'hearts and bear' shapes for her and she was trilled.

In the lower tier, I added some home made chocolate chip cookies which she loves. I'm happy to pack two boxes now and hope it can continue. #3 is a very, very picky eater but we've come to an understanding that she has to learn to expand her taste palette and she's agreed.

#3's Bento box all prettied up and ready to go~!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


#2 has warmed up to the idea of taking 'full meals' for lunch in this insulated Thermos flask. Well at least the soup keeps hot till lunch. She likes it.

Today's schedule ends at 3p.m. because of choir practice again. Today, the Choir Mistress will be in attendance to do some brushing up.

It was Miso soup in the Thermos again because she enjoyed it yesterday and requested for the same. Only this time no more clams, just Aburaage and fish cake.

I re-fried some nori pork balls and added the balance of the vegetables from her break-time bento. In the rice box, I added some Daikon pickle (her favourite) and furikake.

This blue bento contains her break-time snack. Baby corn, Asparagus spears, carrots and cucumbers wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper. Added some tomatoes and a little box of salad sauce. #2 hasn't acquired the taste for the Vietnamese peanut sauce yet.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today's Bento is mostly left overs from the weekend. Cut up the Kyuri and crab sticks to fit the box. Added the simmered shitake mushrooms and fried a quick tamagoyaki.
I made the miso soup fresh and it, in itself is a meal because I added in clams (lala), Japanese fish cake, Wakame seaweed and Aburaage (Japanese taufoo pok).

Notice my black Oshibori box on the right?

This is going to be a very filling lunch because #2 has Choir practice up to 3p.m. today. The school choir is going for the Trinity Choir examination this Friday and #2 says they are not ready. Good luck then!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Excursion Bento

We're off to Sungai Klah Hotsprings with some of our Church Youths. I packed a bento for hubs and I to snack on in the car. The youths together with my daughter travels in a 44 seater bus.

My bento box contains Tamagoyaki - cut to resemble a heart shape. There are 3 pieces of peanut 'muah chee' (mochi) which I bought at a Nyonya stall this morning. Lots of crunchy vegetables and crabsticks to dip in thousand island dressing. Yummy!!

I added another picture to this post after I got back from Sungkai.
I made Tuna Onigiri with sesame seeds and furikake and some futomaki for my daughters and their friends for tea on Friday when we arrive Sungkai. They finished everything during tea. *Slaps forehead* Just four girls and they could finish so much!

The picture is a little dark, as usual I didn't check because the girls were ready and waiting to tuck in to the food when I wanted to take the picture.


We're off for a short break over the weekend. Today's a rush and Bento was a quick fix!

In the left box there are some cashew nuts in a silicon cup and four pieces of turkey, cheese and butter sandwiches. In the right box are fruits - apples and kiwi. If you look close enough, you can see the apples cut in the shape of 'apples'. LOL!! Some plum cherry tomatoes and left over Mac and cheese.

School breaks at 12.30p.m today and I'm planning a Donburi for lunch. Wonder if I have time to post about it before I leave.

The complete Bento and it's pretty strap ready to go!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Looking for space for my Bento boxes

No Bento today. #2 is the official photographer for the state level Choir competition held in Sri KDU today. We arrived at her school before 7.00a.m. this morning. I am told that she and some of her co-photographers will be going to Sri KDU with the Choir teacher and Choir mistress up to 4.00p.m. I insisted on packing her some chocolate chip cookies and some marshmallows to snack on.


I need more shelves and space! After rummaging and re-packing my Bento boxes, these poor things were left with no space to keep them. I need to buy some more of those plastic drawer type shelves to shove these fellas in.

Don't you just love my Oshibori boxes?? I used to let #3 bring them to school everyday, now #2 has agreed to use the Oshibori packed in the box instead of 'wet ones'. I'm glad I have a couple more for spare.

The box of onigiri and sushi molds below are all packed in a lock & lock box. I tried using them before but it was too troublesome, I prefer to use my hands. The onigiri molds are too large - so says #2. She likes her onigiri the way mum makes them - small and cute! Lol!!

I bought these huge ramen bowls from the 100 Yen shop in Puchong today. I love the colourful soup bowls and the bags too. The 100 Yen shop is having a 20% discount on all items up to 22nd June or something. I have a membership card that entitles me to collect points but I'm not sure if you get the 20% if you're a member or not???

I've watched a couple of those Korean shows and they always have their 'lovestruck couple' slurping over a hot bowl of Korean Kimchi Ramen. Recently I bought some to try and #1, #2 and I have been addicted to the wonderful Kimchi Ramen flavour! Absolutely tasty and satisfactory. I made some for dinner tonight because I was out shopping the whole day and didn't have time to cook! " Shhhh.....not so loud!"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I packed two sets of Bento this morning because #2 is staying back in school up to 3.30p.m. There's a debate going on and she's there to support her friends.

The blue Bento is for the 10a.m. break at school. It contains smoked turkey ham rolled with cheese, carrots, french beans and some red and green coral. I added sliced oranges and Kiwi for dessert.

For lunch, I packed rice (forgot to dust with furikake), some chicken karaage, blanched carrots, French beans and a hot pot of ABC soup.

The picture below shows the two Bento boxes and a set of Monokuro Boo cutlery. There was a bottle of frozen "Loh Han Koa" drink packed in a Yellow Urara water thermal insulated Bento bag and an
oshibori box and towel.

#1's been talking about "green awareness" and I spoke to #2 to stop using 'wet ones' and to start using the oshibori towel instead. All agreed and it looks like the oshibori box will be a permanent feature in future pictures.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Packing and re-packing Bento accessories

During the last holidays, I had some time to re-pack my Bento collection.

I used a 3 tier drawer which I packed some of the Bento boxes.

Tier 1 - 9 boxes

Tier 2 - 8 boxes

Tier 3 - 7 boxes
(The rest of the boxes are still waiting to be packed)

Picks and food dividers

Forks and food dividers

My box of food dividers

All the food dividers and food picks packed together
in a larger container for convenience

My cup and mold collection:

Food cups

More food cups, egg molds, rice molds, etc

Some more food cups, silicon cups, Bento straps, Onigiri cases and sandwich bags

In the box - sandwich bag ties and forks

My cutlery collection:


Cutlery and chopstick sets

More sets

All packed in one box for convenience


Box of cutters

Some more cutters

Some side boxes, sauce containers and Furikake templates.

Cutters, cutters, cutters everywhere!!

All the cutters packed together


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