Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bento 190

Today I made two bentos at mid-morning because #2 and #3 are on sick leave. Both are down with a flu.

Yesterday was a holiday and I made "Nasi Ulam". I think every one has a different recipe for Nasi Ulam. I basically used turmeric leaves, shallots, cekur leaves, turmeric root, torch ginger, dried prawns, fried fish, salted fish, pepper, salt and cooked rice. I dropped the kerisik and sambal belachan.

There was an apple pie in the box next to the Nasi Ulam. Both boxes are basically the same except that one has pineapple and the other had corn nibblets instead.

I had the box with the pineapple. Next to it was some onion alfalfa topped with some tuna mayo from the weekend. There was corn nibblets and sweet snap peas to complete the box.

This is #2's box because she can't have pineapple while she's not well.


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