Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bento 225

This morning was another mad rush to USJ 2 where the Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod VII (MCE) is into it's fourth day. #2 has attended this Choral Festival for the second consecutive year and enjoys it tremendously. In fact, she has waited a whole year looking forward to this event.

It's a time where the school choirs are graded (based on standard criteria) by judges from different parts of the world. They undergo master classes and are guided to enjoy a variety of choral activities which is sadly missing in our Malaysian Choral scene.

Nevertheless, every night when I fetch #2 from USJ 2, she's bubbly and in an adrenaline pumped up mood! I know she's tired and exhausted even but I also know she's enjoying herself and learning as much as possible from this wonderful God given opportunity.

This morning's bento was as quick as it could get from left overs and repeats!

There was a quarter of a scone from Coffee Bean which I bought for her supper from Subang Parade, some de-seeded grapes and a skewer of Salami pizza from Pizza Hut.

I thought that she needed more greens and so made a zucchini sandwich with smoked turkey ham and broccoli alfalfa in between. To keep it intact, I skewered them with two animal skewers and topped the slice of zucchini with half of a grape for added color!


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