Thursday, June 19, 2008

BENTO #79 & #80

I was thinking aloud last night about packing #3's Bento box. Being an extremely picky eater, I couldn't think of anything other than her favorite tuna sandwiches and Oreo biscuits. How does one survive only on such limited food???

Oh! And #3 likes her food hot and literally pukes when served cold food. Biscuits, sandwiches and sorts are okay but otherwise, her stomach just convulses and the food cannot or refused to be consumed.

#2 suggested that I spread the soft 'President herb cheese' on her sandwich. "Huh?? When did she learn to eat that, I asked". Apparently the two of them had tea together yesterday and #3 tasted the sister's cheese sandwich and enjoyed it. #3 even chipped in and agreed that I should pack the herb cheese sandwich for her. Viola!! Another item added to her consumption list! LOL!!!

You can see below, the blue dog oshibori box and #3's simple Bento. President Herb cheese sandwiches cut into tulips and elephant shape and her favorite peanuts. You can't see the elephant shape because I was in a hurry and didn't have time to place the items properly. There is even a sandwich cut into a shape of an apple (hidden).

Salad days are back! Yesterday, #2 specifically asked for vegetables. Nothing heavy okay mum? I finish at 2.00p.m. after a quick Choir run-through and I'll be back for lunch. Okie dokie...instructions taken, so it's just Asparagus spears, plum cherry tomatoes with baby corns. Lots of hard veggies and crabsticks with a little tub of salad cream in this traditional looking Bento box.

In the bottom box, I put in two pieces of fruit cake (laden with lots of Brandy) and some home made chocolate chip cookies.

Before I could grab a strap for the Bentos. #2 took hold of this white fluffy one and declared that she wanted it for her box. Sure thing, there are lots to choose from so no need to fight.

I used the matching clickety click Bento strap for the matching box for #3.

All at peace and off we went to school!!!


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