Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Extracted from #2's blog!

Yesterday we had mama’s 80th birthday party. OOooh. so tiring. :s but so fun! :) I’ll post up the pictures after exams. one of the few times that I really enjoyed performing – and surprisingly, I had not one bit of nervous-ness this time. LOL. usually I’d end up freaking out so much, to the extend of like shivering, and my voice shaking. =) yesterday was like “oh. okay. it’s over? wow.” lol. but it was fun. =) i love granny!

A homemaker, Granny taught us well
And showed us what to do
As strict, up-standing citizens.
She’s been our family’s glue.

She raised her children on her own,
So loving, strong and wise.
Small wonder that we look at her
With proud, adoring eyes.

Granny always kept our family unified,
We’re proud to be her descendants.

When we were small, she taught us girls
The way to fix a meal.
From list to store to kitchen, we
Learned how to make it real.

To make the perfect recipe
Takes discipline and skill.
In kitchens or in life, that’s true.
Granny always filled the bill.

And to that skill and discipline,
Add generosity,
For this warm-hearted woman is
As kind as she can be.

And that’s the metaphor for life
She taught her girls and boy –
Ye get from life just what you’ve earned,
The hard work, then the joy.

Granny was a looker, in her youth,
And she’s still quite a dish.
But what’s inside is lovely, too,
So here’s our birthday wish:

Eight lively decades have flown by
Since you began your life.
You’ve been the best of mothers and
A good and loving grandmother,

May all your years be joyful ones,
Now that the torch is passed.
You’ve earned your happy ending, and
You’ll never be out-classed!

We love you, Mama! Happy 80th birthday!

I’m so proud to have her as my granny! Although we may at times have our difference, she’s a real blessing and gem to us. =)


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