Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mochi, Mochi, Mochi

I made Moffles for tea today. I love this simple snack which I can just pop into my waffle machine and top with any flavor topping, sweet or savory.

I read about moffles in Obachan's Kitchen & Balcony Garden for the first time and I was curious. So happen I had mochi in the fridge and a waffle machine.

I popped this into the waffle machine and.....

... this was the result .... it was toasted crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside...

Topped it with home made anko and it was absolutely delicious!!

Later in the night, I decided to make daifuku mochi because I had left over anko.

This recipe yielded eleven pieces of daifuku mochi. I've tweaked the recipe a little and provided more details so it should be a lot easier to handle now. Here is the homemade anko recipe.

Bento 168

It was Thaipusam yesterday and a public holiday in Malaysia so there was no bento. Instead, we had the most coveted Malaysian breakfast ever - Nasi Lemak (store bought)! Hubs and I also enjoyed an aromatic Nasi Ulam. Nothing beats family bonding time while enjoying good food!

Anyway, this morning's bento consisted to two Inari tofu pockets filled with Hijiki.
#2 doesn't like Inari sushi (sushi rice in flavored tofu pockets) so I filled it with Hijiki instead. She's a big fan of Hijiki. There are also three sticks of skewered 'loong yoke' (barbequed pork) and kyuri.

#2 has to stay back again and I've provided a little extra food. A box full of gyoza and another side box of mixed veggies topped with sesame seed dressing.

There was no exercise this morning because hubs and I had to meet some people for a meeting early this morning. Perhaps tomorrow!


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