Thursday, May 8, 2008


This morning, #2 asked if I could bring her lunch at school. I checked my schedule, although quite tight, I agreed. She asked for a single box bento since I was going to send her lunch. The bento below contains some blanched broccoli and carrots, coated with salad cream. Next to it is a scoop of macaroni and cheese topped with some freshly ground pepper.

I am going to sell Mac and cheese this Sunday for a fund raising event. My youngest girl will be having her "First Holy Communion" this year and the monies raised is supposed to help defray expenses for the whole year's journey of camp and activities.

I tried a 'commercialised' (cheaper)version of the Mac and cheese recipe and it turned out pretty good. There is a certain 'fish' I know who in his blog declares that "God is a funny fellow". I wasn't happy with the macaroni I bought from Tesco because of it's texture. I bought it in the first place because there was a RM2 difference from the regular one I buy from
This afternoon, when I was at Jusco, One Utama to pick up the balance of the stuff I couldn't get at Tesco, I found that the Barilla macaroni was being sold for a mere 50 cents difference more. I bought all the macaroni they had on their shelf - thirteen 500g packets would yield approximately 100 packets of cooked macaroni.

Then I saw the smoked sausages that I bought to try from Tesco going on promotion here in Jusco at an even cheaper price!! I was trilled!! I swiped what I wanted and was grinning all the way to the pay counter.

On the way I saw "Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk" on offer at RM3.50 per packet. I swiped four! Utterly satisfied with the day's haul, I remembered my 'fish' friend and how true his declaration that "God is a funny fellow".

Back to bentos!

The bento below was packed for #2's lunch. I had a piece of Unagi in the fridge that I decided to use. Unpacked it and steamed it for about 3 minutes with the sauce. Cooked some rice and packed it into a bento box. Topped it with the Unagi and added some side vegetables - tomatoes, kyuri and pickled daikon.
The picture below shows you the bento box and cover. *Sorry about the poorly taken pictures*

I had to use a furoshiki to tie the box because there is no strap that can accommodate the box.


This one was Wednesday's bento. I had left over sushi rice and some salmon. I mashed up the salmon, added some mayo and stuffed them into some sushi moulds. They were shaped in triangle, heart, star and sakura flower. It's fast and easy. My daughter enjoyed the rice. In the other box you can see a layer of seedless grapes.


This was Tuesday's bento. Hubs had some picture he wanted to keep in the camera and I didn't want to have to upload for a second time over seventy pictures into my computer! Finally, had permission to delete them and now I can update my overdue bentos.

I had some frozen gyoza which I fried and steamed in the morning. The side "Hello Kitty" box contained the vinegared dip. On top of the box is a wedge of "Happy Cow" salmon flavoured cheese.

In the bottom bento is a mixed vegetable and fruit salad topped with thousand island dressing.


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